Michael’s Choice Award


As always, I had such a difficult time narrowing this down to 10 finalists, let alone picking a winner. However, I picked the Zany Zingoz Burger Barn as my favorite. Congratulations MsDiana1126… you won a Room Design Trophy!


There were many things that I enjoyed about this room: The variety of yellow items that carried the color scheme throughout, the use of the bean bag chairs as seating and the fact that Wacky himself is serving burgers behind the counter:



Congratulations again MsDiana1126! Your trophy will be automatically added to your account, but please allow a few days for it to arrive.



16 Responses to Michael’s Choice Award

  1. locococoapuff says:

    I adore the idea of using the taxicab couches for restaurant benches!

  2. 4CheeseTortellini says:

    Congratulations on your awesome winning design, MsDiana1126! Enjoy your Room Design Trophy :o)

  3. Bubblilious1 says:

    Congratulations everyone!

  4. cowtown2 says:

    hurray I’m so glad you had a pick Michael to, I really loved this room, to, they all were so great if you looked backed I picked two of these plus the library to, cause I look for the room I get inspired to have, that I could have, one day, great job to you all, enjoy and show them trophy’s off proudly you all deserve one, cause the room are so awesome, really truly they are, I thought if they was just one winner how could you decide, what a job this was for you webkinz.

  5. LuckyFinnigan says:

    I am so glad you won, MsDiana1126! I loved this design. It so reminds me of Wacky Fest and it’s such a happy room. I imagine you must smile every time your pet goes in it. Such a fun room!

  6. CutieZari says:

    While I liked all the finalist’s room designs, this is my favorite. Great job, so creative!

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