Movie Showcase: How to Make a Webkinz Bedroom

Hello, cinema fans! It’s me, Ella McWoof, and I have another wonderful Webkinz-inspired YouTube video to share! Meet YouTuber Feefee Jo and her fabulous, super-creative idea of creating a Webkinz bedroom for your pet in real life. Check out her video, How to Make a Webkinz Bedroom, below! Have you ever tried creating a real space that looks just like one of your Webkinz rooms?



If you love making YouTube videos about anything to do with Webkinz, tell us in the comments and maybe your video will be featured one day!



20 Responses to Movie Showcase: How to Make a Webkinz Bedroom

  1. Nevie_Boo says:

    I love this idea! Great video!

  2. arzi02 says:

    That was soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!

  3. cathouse2 says:

    Wow! That is an awesome idea! :) I might try doing that for my pets! >>cathouse2

  4. tntmonton says:

    What a nice room, good job!!!

  5. JaneOfAllTrades says:


  6. pineapplefun says:

    It won’t let me watch the video! :’(

  7. mymuttly says:

    I dont think Ill be able to make one because i have 82 webkinz XD

  8. marco090101 says:

    That was a very cute and creative idea!! Great job on creating that!! :)

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