New Buried Treasure Prizes

Starting August 30th, look for new prizes the next time you take Recess with your pet at the Kinzville Academy!


Unlock Recess each time you sign up your pet for 15 full days of classes at the Kinzville Academy! Remember, a “full day” of class is when you try any 3 classes with your pet.



Click on the sandbox in the schoolyard during your next Recess to access the Buried Treasure game. During the game you’ll get 3 chances to uncover a prize in the sandbox. Here’s a look at what you can win beginning August 30th:



On August 30th the A+ Teacher’s Bouquest, Academy Banner and the Academy School Binder will be removed from the sandbox so, you only have a few days left to try and collect these prizes before they’re gone! Good luck!



38 Responses to New Buried Treasure Prizes

  1. TabbyStar95 says:

    Basketball, Soccer ball and yet No Volleyball? :(

  2. cowtown2 says:

    You go nanny granny you are a great grandma to do this what lucky grandkids thanks webkinz we love this a great place for all keep being awesome

  3. kin2832 says:

    Love the new buried treasure prizes!!!:)

  4. lilicat9 says:

    Ok, I want to know HOW you lose wall paper or lockers in the sand? The sandbox must be part blackhole or something.

  5. nanangranny says:

    Yes I am going to play for the new prizes! I’m actually nanan11 but this is saying I am nanangranny. That’s okay too since I am nanan and granny to my eleven grandchildren. I connect with them across the miles to play games in a safe and fun world. Wouldn’t it be great if the world was as fantastic as Webkinz world. The Academy really does teach great lessons. I’m not athletic and struggle with the classes for those areas but I do try. Isn’t that what it is about? Trying to do our best!

    • SummerDreaming says:

      I agree with you Nanan11, Webkinz is a superb place to connect with my grandkids everyday! Thanks, Ganz , for creating such a challenging and fun and safe place to get in touch with my little ones!

      • animalsmatter1 says:

        Agree with both of these wonderful grandmas–this is such a terrific family game: there is something for all ages, and it’s so much fun to connect with our grandkids online. Gives us all something fun to talk about, too! (And also agree—it really would be wonderful if the real world were as fantastic as Webkinz World!!)

        • tinygma says:

          I so totally agree. I play with my grandkids here as well. My grand baby win the bed today in the Wish Factory . Life can be fun . Academy is hard at times . Speed hold the mouse near center of spinner to get faster and get level 10. I can do that and cooking to level 10 none of the others. But playing with our family they can play for us if were sick or busy. Have fun enjoy your time together !! <3

          • Furbabiez says:

            I was wondering if that was you who won that beautiful bed :) Congratulations! It’s nice to know someone who actually won the Wish of the day!

  6. nanangranny says:

    Love playing at recess! The prizes are so great! I wish my different Ganz accounts would always let me in to comment but it sometimes locks me out so I cannot participate. I keep getting the message to sign in through an email link but I have never received an email to sign in through. I’ve tried all methods. Tonight is a fluke but I’ll take it. Just love the new prizes.

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