New Growing Garden Seeds


Look for the floating pack of seeds during Veggie Fest and click on it to earn a new pack of Growing Garden seeds! There are 5 to collect: cherry tomatoes, onions, lettuce, butternut squash and celery (limited to 2 a day for free players, 3 for full and 4 for Deluxe):



Drag a pack of Growing Garden seeds into your pet’s room to plant them. After a few days, your plants will be ready to harvest. Your pets will love Farm Fresh food! There are even 2 recipes you can make with these new veggies!


Combine Farm Fresh Butternut Squash, Onion and Celery on a stove, to make a hearty bowl of Summer Soup:



You can also make a Summer Sandwich by combining Farm Fresh Cherry Tomatoes, Lettuce and Bread on a sandwich maker:



One special pack of Growing Garden seeds will only be available from Webkinz Newz. From August 17 – 26, visit Webkinz Newz and click on the Daisy’s Patio header to get a pack of Growing Garden Parsnip Seeds!



Play Webkinz every day during Veggie Fest and collect as many seeds as you can!



63 Responses to New Growing Garden Seeds

  1. bkbauer says:

    I need one more pack of lettuce seeds to finish my garden. I was so hoping on the last day I would get lettuce, but it was not to be. If anyone has extras my username is rainbowtwingirls.

  2. frozenanna2 says:

    Hey guys! Guess what? I finished it!!!! I’m so happy! Thank you Webkinz! Webkinz is the best!!! Good luck everyone!

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