New Pet Care Section in the WShop!


Looking for a little help caring for your pets and earning Family Score? Now you can visit the Pet Care section of the WShop to find everything you need to know!





Also, look for the Pet Care Guidebook, filled with helpful tips on how best to take care of your Webkinz pets while earning lots of Family Score and prizes!





How many Family Score prizes have YOU earned? Let us know in the comments below!


106 Responses to New Pet Care Section in the WShop!

  1. Prettypikachu says:

    I’ve got 45,072 family score points in 2 years with 13 pets now, I just earned the Lava Fountain a few minutes ago! Yay! – PrettyPikachu =D

  2. peanutluver3 says:

    I’ve been playing since 2007 and am at 899,650 I think when I get to a million I will stop feeding and bathing 55 pets I will go back to putting all the stuff in my dock into my rooms and playing games again. There are no plans for any more prizes above 1 million. I asked this a couple of months ago. Also the big gaps will not be filled in either. But they said there will be other suprises coming. That was over 6 months ago and nothing.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      There are plans to add additional prizes past 1 million. We’ve answered that a few times now. It’s just not a priority because there are so few people that are anywhere near the end.

      • kaye10 says:


      • GoGanz24 says:

        Sally, Do you think that for the accounts that already have the maximum prize currently available Webkinz can make it so the hearts on that account stay full and not drop daily. Without prizes currently available to work towards, there isn’t really a need for them to lower. For the people that still want to increase their score past the million, they can still do that. It only takes about three activities to refill their heart, but it still gives you family score even after the heart is completely full. I’m past two million, and don’t really want to continue increasing my score until more prizes are out. But, it bothers me to not have their hearts full. I estimate that I spend about twelve hours a day on Webkinz. A majority of that time is filling up hearts. Sometimes I even stay up until just seconds before the midnight flip trying to get them all full. I’ve began neglecting other parts of my life because they don’t have consequences if I don’t do them like Webkinz does. If I don’t get all of their hearts full everyday it makes it harder and longer for the next day. I rarely get a chance in Webkinz or in real life to do my favorite activities or much of anything other than heart filling these days. So it would be very much appreciated if the hearts didn’t drop while there currently isn’t new prizes being released. Webkinz is becoming very much a chore right now. Thank you for your consideration!

  3. ADSLO1 says:

    I am currently keeping 173 pets happy every day. To do that, it takes a lot of food. Please make a way to buy food in bulk. Clicking 2500 times to get enough food to last for the week is taxing. This alone takes around 20 minutes or more. I want to be able to purchase in large quantities, please! I would also like to see prizes added for the family score. Mine is close to 2.5 million. There should be something for each new million, at least.

    • kaye10 says:

      hey there–guess i thought everyone knew this but here goes: SEND YOU PET TO THE SPA & WILL RAISE ALL YOUR PETS TO 100 PERCENT! if necessary, i do it each time before i log out as i must keep my 700+ (nearing 800) pets happy :) gl!! -k.

  4. qeynos says:

    I have over a million and a half right now so not to worried about points anymore.

  5. slk says:

    I have all of them – FPS 3,700,035 – waiting for level 2, 3 and 4 of the prizes to come out (best way for them to continue this). I have 11 rooms with 15 – 26 kids in a room (love bunk beds) with a pool, trampoline and treadmill. I run through our big account, 292 kids, in 29 minutes and our other 5 accounts with a combined 97 kids in about 25 mins (logging in and waiting). Takes longer if I’m doing other stuff but when I’m pressed for time I’m done in an hourish. I really wish they would get more prizes ready – I honestly think they don’t know how to do it ergo my suggestions over and over of creating ‘levels’ and running them like the first 1,000,000 for each level. If they ever do get this done the prizes better be out of this world compared to what we already have received though or I’m going to stop filling hearts daily until then though I’m going to keep going. See how far I get before they get it done.

    • kaye10 says:

      my advice to you: stop being so into getting those points & ENJOY the world you have created for your pets…MOST PEOPLE WILL NEVER EVEN GET TO ONE MILLION, SO YOU ARE OVERWHELMING THEM!!! -k.

      • slk says:

        I never asked for your advice – no one said I wasn’t enjoying WW – I was offering for those who think it’s so hard to do a way that isn’t.

      • kittymade10 says:

        kaye10, your a being very rude to slk, everyone else is asking the same thing. Plus she never said shes not enjoying webkinz shes just ready for new prizes.

  6. prettykittencat1 says:

    I have earned them all on one account so far

  7. tinygma says:

    2 1/2 hours Pet care done for 121 pets. “<3" on MAP to find Heart <3 Care rooms easier ;) !!

    • tinygma says:

      Over 2 mill and about 8 thous today

      • tinygma says:

        I do all pets for pet care its just 5 things to do and it’s quick sink, tub, treadmill , trampoline,pool. BUT if you have a SHOWER add it I got extra for the shower as well as the tub .

        • slk says:

          I only have to get my kids out of bed, pop them in the pool, tramp and treadmill and back to bed – done. I do 389 (6 accounts – 292 in the big account) in under 2 hrs.

        • griffoned says:

          I can believe that, but only if all the pet care was done the previous day and you wash, feed, exercise, and put your pet to sleep consistently for that time.

        • Wizardsroost says:

          I consistently maintain 100% levels on 4-7 pets on most of my accounts. I just pop them through pool, treadmill, trampoline and back to bed, and only do the tub and sink if I get zapped and slowed down with a dang request. But I also have 16 accounts to maintain every night. On a couple of my accounts, I keep more pets at 100% because of the kinzcash bonus that gives. On my main/original account, I currently have it up to 65, as this has been increasing at least weekly since I’ve been trying to get back into regular harvesting on my extensive plantation there. It does pay off, yes. In roughly 5 months I’ve gone from the kinzcash machine to the gizmo pal thing. So I keep trying to make sure it doesn’t lapse. (My daughter wanted to disown me the weeks my internet was out and I expected her to maintain the accounts, especially that one, which was only about 45 100% pets then.) There’s almost 200 pets on that account. But yeah, it takes me over three hours to get all the accounts done every night as it is, starting at midnight. Still, thanks for the tip about the shower, I should have couple somewhere to add to my pet center dorms.

        • ferretfuzzbut says:

          You forgot the bed. The quickest way I have found is to use the tramp, treadmill, pool and bed. If you do it daily, it always fills it up. If I miss a day and have more to fill I will ad the sink and tub and feeding them.

        • wintercrush says:

          I do the same thing with all of my pets and I’m at 2096460 family points (not counting today). Great tip on the shower, good thing I get one today!

        • momno1 says:

          Also feed pet up to the brim. Will there ever be a prize for greater than 1 million? After I hit 1 million, I just let my pets wallow with empty hearts.

  8. hunterslove says:

    I have a little over 1,115,000. Since there are no plans to create more prizes, I have stopped working on that account.

    • griffoned says:

      You really shouldn’t stop playing on an account just because you have all the prizes. The prizes were added about two years ago, and there are still plenty of other things to do. I love playing with my Webkinz pets.

      • Wizardsroost says:

        See, I liked it way better when I had the ‘feeling’ my pets lived their own little live, without being so whiny and dependent and aware of me.

    • kandykinz says:

      Do you have any tips to getting to one million? I am just shy of 50,000 and I feel like I will never get there.

  9. sef62 says:

    Some nice gifts and prizes, but family score requests get in the way of decorating and other things. Why not do the same in the rooms as out of the rooms? If all the pets are in bed except the one you are using, that should be the only asking or needing to have the heart filled. I quit playing on one account pretty much because I already have over a million and I really would rather decorate. It makes good sense and benefits all of us if some small change would be made. Thank You

    • griffoned says:

      While Webkinz isn’t mainly about decorating, I can see your point. Maybe we should have test rooms where we can use any item ever created.

      • Wizardsroost says:

        Webkinz is about whatever the player wants it to be. For some people, that’s decorating, and some of the other activities are only about earning kinzcash to support the decorating. I think one of the things that bugs me most with the pet requests (other than that they exist and I still really hate this was even started) is how pets will pop up and demand something WHILE the Magic W is throbbing with a pet change. Without fail, I change pets, in the interim of the change someone else pops up to ask for something, the change finally occurs, and then there is a moment where first the requesting pet, then the changed-to pet are both sulking because the request was thwarted. Ugh. Pets should NEVER pop up during the change zone. Jut never!

  10. Ellen1970 says:

    I have less then 48,000 points – I don’t to buy clothes and things for my pets just because they ask for it. Waste of money

    • griffoned says:

      Wait, they ask you to buy things with estore points?

      • tinygma says:

        Usually snk ir cheep tables not too expensive , Clothing usually shirt and cheep shoes not too bad . Never the expensive things. Set a PET <3 CARE room in each corner of your map and 1 in the center to find them easier. PUT "<3 Care" on each room on map to find them easier.

        • cliffordearl says:

          It only cost webkinz mooney. I buy a 15 point cookie because I have no money in account. I notice last week I was getting no were 22, 000 points since begin. I wrote my points down and for all week nothing change. I brought, I feed, I did everything they ask. NO points. I decorated 3 new rooms. I have 181 pets. This morning points popping up every where. WOW! Whats up?

      • tinygma says:

        NO E-Store items just w shop cheeper items and cheeper clothing

      • wdj1112 says:

        Not estore – just W shop.

      • GoGanz24 says:

        No, they don’t ask you to buy things with eStore points. What they ask for can be bough with kinzcash. Ellen meant that her family score is lower than 48,000. She wasn’t talking about eStore points anywhere in her post.

    • ferretfuzzbut says:

      I never make anything with the stove, blender or sandwhich maker when they ask because it wastes my time (I don’t do it much so I don’t know recipes) and it NEVER fills the heart if I do it anyway. I also don’t usually buy stuff for them or answer 19 questions at quizzy’s. I have a tramp, treadmill, pool, bed , tub and sink in the “Room of the season (or rooms)”. All my pets are in 1 of only a few rooms and I can quickly fill their hearts there vs all of the nonsense they ask for. As a matter of fact I usually do the pet care right when i get on because once the heart is full, they don’t ask for anything

    • bunbun456 says:

      Just don’t buy the expensive things, or use coupons. You will then get amazing items.

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