New Superbed!


There is a new Superbed to collect! The next time you receive a Superbed Gift Box, take a look for the NEW Cozy Yacht Bed! Your pet will just love napping in the lap of luxury!




To make room for this new Superbed, we’ve also retired the Stardust Dreams Bed.



Super Bed Gift Boxes are awarded to players when they adopt their 10th Webkinz pet and every 5th adoption after that. Drag and drop a Super Bed Gift Box into your pet’s room to choose the bed you’d like added to your account. Once you pick a bed it will be added to your Dock.


What do YOU think of the new Superbed? Let us know in the comments below.


78 Responses to New Superbed!

  1. Inkblot says:

    I like the old one better… I don’t think I ever got it. But I did get the dragon bed when it was on the super wheel a few years ago! That was awesome and really lucky. I love dragons.

  2. sassenach1743 says:

    I like the concept of a yacht bed, but the helipad hides most of the boat. Also it looks like a big hockey puck. You should take it off and use it as a hockey puck bed and redesign the yacht.

  3. Prettypikachu says:

    I only have ONE Super Bed – It happens to be the Stardust Dreams bed, heheh! Not even lying :0

  4. robinroyal says:

    I like the new bed but agree with the comments. It would have looked better without the helicopter pad. The stardust dreams bed was one of my favorites. I am glad I got a few before it was discontinued.

  5. CountryChrissy says:

    That big round pad on the top doesn’t look comfy! I would like to see some sort of garden bed for the spring! not this!

  6. 082003m says:

    I have over 15 pets and have not gotten another superbed giftbox. I’d really like to know why

  7. morelikeautumn says:

    I would think they would have retired a bed like the Big Top Bed, or another one like that. The Stardust Dreams bed was a personal favorite, and I know the same goes to many others!

  8. animallover13218 says:

    I was only one pet away from getting the super bed box and I was planning on getting the Stardust Dreams Bed :’(

    • 1Emerald1 says:

      So am I and so was I! I don’t see the point in not announcing retirements before they happen, it just makes players sad. If I’d known this was coming, GANZ, I would’ve gone out & bought another pet this month. Not now tho. Might as well wait & see.

  9. LovesStaffordshires says:

    When I get another Superbed gift box I’ll be getting this bed. The only other bed that I don’t have but want is the Sleepy Dragon Bed. Pittiesrule

  10. 2manywebbies2count says:

    I think the new Superbed Cozy Yacht Bed would have looked much better without the helicopter landing pad on it. I do have a lot of Super Bed Boxes I might have to get one just to see what it looks like. It is so sad the the Stardust Dreams bed has been retired, was always one of my favorites.

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