Recess Updates



The next time you take your pet for recess following site updates on August 26, look for the following new prizes at the Kinzville Academy:



The Principal’s Office Desk is being replaced with the new Academy Tuba on the Merry Go Round. If you click on the tuba, you can watch your pet practice for the school concert!



What did you find in the sandbox the last time you went digging during recess? You’re in luck if you happened to find the Row of Lockers, Academy Laptop or the Kinzville Academy Hoodie. These items are being retired from the sandbox to make room for the new Academy Lockers!



Everyone receives a special packed lunch from Ms. Cowoline following recess. I hope your pets are hungry, because 3 new items are being added to the menu! Your pets will love the Farm Fresh Veggies, A+ Almond Milk and slice of Teacher’s Pet Pizza!



36 Responses to Recess Updates

  1. 3HappySmile says:

    I wish I had the desk and hoodie :(

  2. thetwistedfrosty says:

    If anyone has a Principal’s desk they don’t want or would trade an exclusive/rare item for, I’m trying to get a Principal’s desk to give to my sister! She is so upset she doesn’t have one. My username is twistedfrosty.

  3. cutebear21 says:

    Thank you for new prizes but it’s hard to get them. i get the same prizes all the time.

  4. mhrd19 says:

    I have a desk and I LOVE it. It works really well as a front desk two.

  5. ArcanineEspeon says:

    Man, I sure am glad I won the principal’s desk like 3 days ago when I had recess! No idea if I have any others. Wait…Gah!! I don’t recognize the Academy Laptop and I don’t think I have the hoodie either! Can someone send me one to ArcanineEspeon or RGT500?

    • ArcanineEspeon says:

      Looks like I have exactly one hoodie after all! And a laptop comes as a daily giveaway on Sept 14. I’d still sort of like several laptops to make it look like my own school classrooms and slow-as-a-snail Netbooks we had to use there, but it’s not as big of a deal.

  6. bubbashuka says:

    Almond milk?! You make me as a vegan very happy with that! Thank you for being so inclusive!

  7. balletbear5M says:

    Wow, the new prizes are really cool! I’m a little sad I was never able to get the laptop but am still pretty excited for the new stuff! :)

  8. Flower370 says:

    Wow, I am bummed …I never got the Principal’s Office Desk or the hoodie. If anyone has extra’s that they be willing to give, I would SO Appreciate it.

  9. binghaha says:

    the principal’s desk is the one thing i have been trying forever to win!!!!! :(

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