Room Design Awards – Michael’s Choice


Congratulations forestsprite, I picked your room, and you have won a Room Design Trophy!


I’m amazed at forestsprite’s imagination! Over the past few years, I have never seen a room quite like this one. I’m pretty sure that forestsprite is a fan of the Adventure Park, because the Rainbow Machines are grand prizes, but work perfectly as shrink rays! The Giant Mug is from the Adventure Park as well, but the rest of the items can be collected from various areas of Webkinz Classic, without having to spend points. Each experiment is quite clever, and the scientists running them are clearly hard at work! I can’t pick a favorite experiment, but the Wacky and Zangoz ones are fitting, since the Wacky Zingoz Celebration is in full swing on Webkinz Classic. Great job forestsprite! I love you room design!



forestsprite, please check your inbox for an email that will explain how to get your trophy.



8 Responses to Room Design Awards – Michael’s Choice

  1. Sollace says:

    Very unique idea and the white bland room lines up with the mad scientist theme. Congratulations!

  2. nanamama12 says:

    Sweet! I’m so glad that this one won!

  3. megamom12 says:

    Yes! I love that you love the one that I picked Michael! This one spoke to my ‘B’ Movie heart!

  4. forestsprite says:

    Yay! Yes I love the adventure park prizes they’re all unique and fun! And the Wacky and Zango plushies really helped inspire the room design because of their giant plush counterparts :) Glad you enjoyed this room design, it’s one of my favorites too!!

  5. bashops2 says:

    I agree with you, Michael Webkinz. This is a unique idea done very well. My favorite.

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