SNEAK PEEK: Webkinz Day Gift Box


Don’t forget to log into Webkinz World on April 29th to get your Webkinz Day Gift Box. It will automatically be added to your Dock as soon as you log in. Here’s a sneak peek at this year’s gifts:



Want to know what this year’s cake slice, trophy and group print look like? We’ll be showing off this year’s gifts on Saturday April 24th so stay tuned…



24 Responses to SNEAK PEEK: Webkinz Day Gift Box

  1. butterfly7 says:

    Another one for my Webkinz Yearly Trophy Room :D Just have to remember which room I have stored the previous 10 cakes in :P

  2. kobena1215 says:

    Cake did someone say cake?!?!? Group Picture!??! and Trophy too !??!?! I love this time of year!!!!! Can hardly wait til the big 29th Thanx!!!

  3. beaubo says:

    11th year trophy, 11th year cake and a 11th year poster! cant wait to see them.

  4. kin2832 says:

    I bet that one is a cake, trophy, and year picture.

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