Soda Cans!


A new challenge is coming in the month of April for Deluxe Members! The grand prize for completing this challenge is a Soda Machine Fridge! There will also be some other prizes along the way, including a can of A+ Soda and Red Carpet Cola that can be fed to your pet or stored in the fridge!


If you’re not a Deluxe Member and want to join in on the fun and prizes, just visit the Ganz eStore and have a parent sign up your account!


Now here’s a look back at the other cans of soda we’ve released over the years:



43 Responses to Soda Cans!

  1. isabell says:

    aww cute if anyone has any soda or extra soda that isn’t red carpet cola or A+ soda please don’t hesitate to send im lindzy7 friend me!

  2. 500mandms says:

    What would be cool, is that you feed a soda to your pet, and get a prize!

  3. 594nat says:

    I think it’s very nice that Webkinz is showing us small organized list of items made over the years. :-)

  4. davidm5 says:

    Cool! I kind-of collect those!

  5. tinygma says:

    If anyone has a Witch’s Brew and wants to trade I have the rest or a WEBKINZ Fan Super bed for 3 !!! Thank you !! Sincerely , tinygma in tradeing rooms you can see its me by the name tin :)

  6. adara917 says:

    Interesting to hear about these fizzy drinks! We should have some more soda… there’s not that many!

  7. mollymact says:

    cool I like the A+ soda.

  8. MGFish says:

    That Soda Machine Fridge is not that cool. I wish that they did cooler prizes for the Deluxe Monthly Challenge :(

  9. abbypiggie says:

    they grow up so fast

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