The Berry Festival Starts Today!


The Berry Festival runs June 6-15! Here’s what you can expect.


Berry Floaty Clicky Event


6 different berries will be floating in Webkinz World between June 6-15. Click them to win them! There’s a maximum daily limit of 15 berries a day per account.



Berry Festival Challenge


The Challenge is back! Complete fun tasks between June 6-30 to win awesome berry prizes for your pet: the Jumbleberry Sun Hat and Dress, and the Berry Season Wardrobe! Just click the Challenge icon in your room to begin.



NEW Jumbleberry Fields Prizes


Now that you’re collecting even more berries during the festival, you can save them up to choose NEW prizes from Jumbleberry Fields! Please note that NO Jumbleberry Fields prizes will be retired for this event.


Jumbleberry Prizes

Homemade Pies Sign, Bundle of Sugarberries, Jumbleberry Boots

Sugarberry Prizes

Pickleberry Beanbag Chair, Baker’s Mitts & Shoes, Jar of Sugarberry Juice

Pickleberry Prizes

Jam Maker’s Workspace, Farmer’s Porch Chair

Moonberry Prizes

Jumbleberry Fields Sign, Berry Season Coat Hook

Berry Festival in Webkinz Friends


The KinzFolk in Webkinz Friends are also celebrating the Berry Festival with an all-new Challenge! Complete the Challenge to win a Moonberry Gift Basket to send back to any account. Keep visiting Webkinz Friends to see when it begins!

See you in Webkinz World tomorrow, June 6!

77 Responses to The Berry Festival Starts Today!

  1. pieisyummy says:

    AHH!! It won’t let me do it

  2. PuttyTat3 says:

    Wow there’s lots of cool prizes! :O when I fill up a jar I’m going to have a hard time choosing. I hope I win the hat and the dress :)

  3. Peggy135 says:

    i love the dress! I have the sugarberry one but I cant get enough of the jumbleberry dress.

  4. ssc181 says:

    Thank u ganz so much. We all appreciate what fun work u do! ~ss

  5. feddddd says:

    I’m done with the berry challenge!!! :)

  6. Melody_Dixon says:

    I beat the challenge! Yay!

  7. alllc says:

    I look forward to the Berry Festival every year. That’s the only time I play Jumbleberry Fields.

  8. esutherlan101 says:

    I really want to win some of those prizes

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