Throwback Thursday: Chocolate Collections!


When players visit the Kinzville Park from February 7th to the 14th, they will once again find Cinnamon the Hamster attending her chocolate stand. Each day, she is giving out a free chocolate for your collection. If you collect all 6 chocolates, you’ll unlock a Valentine Mailbox Fridge that you can use to store your collection!


Remember, 1 chocolate can only be found right here on Webkinz Newz! You’ll need it to complete your collection.  Look for the floating chocolate on Webkinz Newz from February 7th – 14th and click on it to add it to your collection!



Here’s a look at this year’s selection of chocolates and the grand prize, along with a look back at last year’s!





And if you want to have your very own Cinnamon Hamster, you’re in luck! The Ganz eStore has this happy hamster on sale for just 5000 eStore Points for the entire month of February!


54 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Chocolate Collections!

  1. rickenbachcami says:

    It’s February 7th but Cinnamon wasn’t in the kinzville park this morning. Why is that?

  2. chrissyranch says:

    went to the park, cinnamon is not there. does she only come out sometimes??

  3. symm0nne says:

    I’ve visited Kinzville Park several times, in both Asian and US accounts and have yet to see either Cinnamon or the Chocolate stand. Anyone have any advice on how to find the chocolate? TIA.

  4. crisysy says:

    Am I the only one who can’t find Cinnamon at the Kinzville Park?

  5. shaemoon says:

    someone help, please cant find cinnamon :(

  6. shaemoon says:

    where is cinomin?????? I couldn’t find him!!

  7. devilshorns says:

    mmmmmmm! I collected all of them last year and hope to get them all again this year. They look yummy.

  8. Webkinz_Love122 says:

    Blueberry Acai :D I looooove.

  9. itsadventuretime23 says:

    I want them for my food museum!!! Hey TureToMyWord1, Thank you for the food!

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