Wacky Gumball Event


I hope you take the time to brush your pet’s teeth, because I have a feeling they’ll be eating a lot of Wacky Gumballs during this event!



From August 3 – 14, look for floating Wacky Gumballs in Webkinz World and click on one to have it added to your Dock (limited to 3 a day for free players, 5 a day for Regular Members & 7 a day for Deluxe Members).


You can also get up to 3 bonus gumballs a day by clicking on the Mango Gecko at the Kinzville Park, clicking on the inflatable Zangoz in the Wacky Bumper Car Clubhouse room and by finding the floating gumball at Webkinz Newz.


Every time you feed your pet a Wacky Gumball, you’ll have the chance to win one of two grand prizes: a Flappy Zingoz Pet Buddy or a Flutter Zingoz Pet Buddy!



This is the first year we have released two grand prizes, so play every day and collect as many gumballs as you can!



73 Responses to Wacky Gumball Event

  1. frozenelsa5 says:

    by the way i might want to keep some of the pet buddy’s. so if anyone want’s one let me know. my username is frozenelsa5

  2. frozenelsa5 says:

    i got both pet buddy’s :) if i get extra i’ll give them to other webkinz player’s. if they don’t have any pet buddy’s from this challenge. my username is frozenelsa5!

  3. girlmeetsworld says:

    I collected a lot of Wacky Gumballs the first few days! I feed them to my Webkinz pets, so as I feed them the Wacky Gumballs, I won one of the Fairy Zingoz Pet Buddies which was Flappy! I continued feeding them the Wacky Gumballs, and sure enough about a few Wacky Gumballs later, I won the other Fairy Zingoz Pet Buddy Flutter! I managed to win both Fairy Zingoz Pet Buddies in one day, lucky me! Of course now I have extra Wacky Gumballs! Prizes really make me so very happy, in a good way that is!

  4. Jesszzzzzz says:

    Fed over 16 gum balls and nothing….this is ridiculous…

  5. gingerdare says:

    Does anyone want my extra gumballs? I’ve already gotten one of each of the pet buddies and that’s all I want. If you want them send me a friend request (gingerdare) or post a comment and I’ll send you a friend request. My Kinzchat still seems to be working.

    • babymoose88 says:

      Wow, thanks so much! My sister is just getting active on Webkinz again and she wants one of these pet buddies so much! Also, you said your KinzChat is working, are you playing on a browser? It so, which one? I would love to collect some gumballs, but I can’t, so my username is babymoose88, thanks so much! :D

    • kittycan says:

      wait a minute, you can get both of them? i thought you could only get 1?

    • xenasunfox123 says:

      Awesome I’ll send you a request right now.

    • gingerdare says:

      I’m getting a weird message when I try to send gumballs. It says “You are trying to send a storage item with stored items inside. Do you wish to proceed?” or something to that effect. Would someone be willing to tell me if the gumballs are actually going through?? I’d hate for them to be lost in the mail.

    • flipjellybellybeanie says:

      I (flipjpjellybean) just sent you a friend request! This is so generous of you! I haven’t won any of the pet buddies yet but hope to get one of each as well :)

    • gingerdare says:

      A few free players have sent me friend requests. I can’t send you gumballs because Webkinz World doesn’t allow gifts to be sent to free players. I’m so sorry!!!!

    • Elenios says:

      That’s so kind and generous of you!! :) <3 If you don't mind, I'd join the ones before me who'd be extremely happy and grateful to have some extra gumballs, 'cause I've fed my pets ALL the gumballs I've collected so far and still didn't get anything for them.. :( It's quite disappointing, cause I collected every single gumball possible.. :( So, if you still have some to spare I would be truly grateful if you could send some to my humble self as well! :) Of course, if you ran out, I completely understand that too, and I still take my hat off to your generous offer! :) Elenios

    • Elenios says:

      I can’t believe this!! :D Like I said, I’ve fed All of my gumballs to my pets and so far nothing… Now you sent me three gumballs -for which I’m still Soo very grateful- and I got a pink pet buddy on the First try!! :D Thank You Soo Much!!!! :)) I guess it really makes a difference -even with a goofy, virtual gumball- if it comes from the heart! :) Thank you again and (even thugh I don’t have much, being a new player with one account and only three pets, but) if you ever need Anything -even just the tiniest of things- please, let me know!! :) Gotta say Thank You again and good luck to everyone finding a buddy (or more)! :) Elenios

      • gingerdare says:

        I’m so glad you got one!!!!

        • gingerdare says:

          On a side note, if you send me a friend request this afternoon or tonight, I will have to send you gumballs tomorrow. I literally just sent the last one I earned today to someone else.

          • gingerdare says:

            I will have more tomorrow if anyone wants to go ahead and send FR, I’ll do my best to make sure that everyone gets at least 1 gumball!!!

        • gingerdare says:

          Hang in there Elenios. I know that there have been a lot of glitches this weekend and earlier this week, but this is the worst set of glitches I’ve ever seen coming from Webkinz/Ganz and I’ve been playing on and off for over 10 years.

          • nanamama12 says:

            I’ll be sending friend requests from both megamom12 and nanamama12.

          • Elenios says:

            Thank you for the kind words -and just everything- gingerdare! :) You really are a great person. :) (Oh, btw.. yepp, the start of this wacky event has really been a total disaster.. :( And it didn’t only affect the event-related things, but basically half of the games features.. -and when you’re someone who’s new and has very little (of pretty much everything, but especially resources with which you could buy new things), but would like to ‘prettify’ your virtual home, or at least create an atmosphere in it that makes you feel comfy and cozy and just being glad to log in and be in that ‘home’, then all these little extra things which you can get from the places that didn’t work for almost two days mean a lot, because they’re pretty much the only way to get some extra kinzcash, apart from playing for hours with certain games.. And it also adds to my frustration that my pc is Very slow, so it can be a real pain to just sit there and wait for stuff to load/ work etc., logging off and on multiple times, restarting your browser -sometimes even the whole computer and so on.. -And I know that’s nobody’s fault, I’m just saying it because that’s just another reason why I have to make the most of the time I spend in WK world.. Anyways, I don’t want to bore you with my petty problems.. :) ) Oh, btw, just wanted to say that I’m really really grateful for the gumballs you sent me, but if you get more gumballs just send it to people who haven’t received some of your generous help yet -I’m absolutely happy with the three I got from you -and they seem to have brought me luck, so I’m perfectly content the way it is! :) I’m sure I’ll get at least one blue buddy as well and that’s totally fine and enough for me. :) Thank you so much again and I’m sending you a virtual pat on the back -as well as my gratitude- for your kindness and generous endeavours! :)

          • bear10201 says:

            I have tried to send them via kinzpost and it says I am trying to send an item with something stored inside. I do not know if it really sent. Are they kinzpostable??

    • frozenanna2 says:

      Ohhhh please!! Send the request to frozenanna2 thank you so much thats very kind of you.

    • gingerdare says:

      To bear10201: The gumballs are totally kinzpostable. I think the message comes from the fact that you might get a pet buddy from them but Elenois found a pet buddy in one of the gumballs I sent, so everything seems to be working except for the message. To Elenois: There are a lot of us older players who would be willing to help you out if you need it. Try asking for how others make kinzcash (I answered a lot of Quizzy’s questions when I first started out) and see how it goes. Different players like different ways. I play Pizza Palace in the arcade if I have an hour or more to kill. I can usually hit level 16 or 17 and clear 300 KC in one game. Not everyone likes time management (which is the basis of the game), so just try different things and see what you like and don’t mind repeating for the sake of making KC. Best of luck!!!

  6. Wingsfan65 says:

    I can’t get into the Clubroom or the Park and I’ve been trying since last night. If this isn’t fixed today, Webkinz, can you please send us the 2 Wacky Gumballs we missed for that day?

  7. frozenanna2 says:

    Hey Sally, i’ve been feeding my pet the Gumballs and they aren’t giving me anything. Is that what it’s supposed to do? Also there is a problem with the chat in KinzChat PLUS. I was just telling you so the Ganz Gods would fix it.

  8. Ellen1970 says:

    I also wish there was another way to get rid ot the challenges on the left side of the screen other them clicking on the arrow. I want them gone! I am not going to do the challenge because I do not want or like the prizes,

    • Katz1259 says:

      Wanna switch places? They have blocked all challenges from my account. I have asked at least a dozen times for them to return them and they either tell me that they are not blocked and I have just completed them all, or they totally ignore my emails. I have sent requests, begging, to every email address that I have for Ganz and/or it’s employees but I have had no success.

      • FCmomof2 says:

        On the left side of the screen near the top there is a thing you can press that toggles between hiding and showing your challenges. Have you tried pushing that? It kind of looks like three circles and a triangle. I thought my challenges were gone once when I accidentally pushed it. Also, the challenges don’t show in the mobile app.

  9. alucard says:

    More Pet Buddies? *sigh!* :-( I am really not a fan of the Pet Buddies. I don’t mind having one or two, but when Webkinz has games where you can win the SAME Pet Buddy more than once, is annoying. I love the idea that several people have already mentioned, letting us sell, trade, or mail the Pet Buddies we don’t want. I’m not crazy about loading up my Dock with unwanted and unused items, especially the Pet Buddies. I will probably feed my pets the gumballs until I get ONE Pet Buddy, then not click on the floating gumballs anymore. BUT….I hope that all those who love the Pet Buddies, will win as many Pet Buddies as their hearts desire! Good Luck to ALL! :-)

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