Coming Soon: Brown Sugar Puppy

The Webkinz Brown Sugar Pup will be in stores soon!

112 Responses to Coming Soon: Brown Sugar Puppy

  1. littlegirlprodan says:

    that puppy is ssssooooo cute!!! i want it so bad! when does it come out in stores?!

  2. fierywarmth says:

    KAWAII!!!!!!! I WANT ONE!!!!!

  3. GrouchyP says:

    This is not original at ALL. Webkinz needs to come up with more than just different puppies/dogs. It’s getting a little boring. And I know that there are only so many Webkinz that you can create, but do we really need 100 of the same species?! Who agrees with me? P.S. Please don’t hate me- Because this dog IS still VERY cute. :)

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