Throwback Thursday: Valentine’s Day Gifts!


When players log in to Webkinz World on Valentine’s Day, they will receive a special gift that they’re sure to love! Here’s a look back to show all of the beautiful gifts that were given out to players over the years, along with the gift boxes they used to arrive in!



You may also notice a sneak peak of the angelic addition for this year—a set of Cupid’s Wings!


Make sure you log in on Friday, February 14th to get your own wonderful set of wings this Valentine’s Day!


64 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Valentine’s Day Gifts!

  1. hopyloppy says:

    I want the bear and the mask.

  2. cutekittykat0810 says:

    Why aren’t they making them anymore?

  3. srstein14 says:

    Hmm those chocolates look delicious!!

  4. maria_rdz says:

    so pretty!

  5. PYRFTHG says:

    I want Cupid’s wings so bad I also I want the cute little stuffed bear I have a big collection of stuffeys on this game and in real life

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