Grumpy Cat has arrived in Webkinz World!!










Meet Grumpy Cat™. She had fun once, and hated it! She much prefers her Crotchety Cat Bed, an oasis of unimpressed cattitude! And if she absolutely HAS to accept food from you, make it Bad-Tempered Tuna, a grouchy alternative for an unconventional cat.



You may find this pet and more at Ganz eStore!



24 Responses to GRUMPY CAT IS HERE!

  1. AMM03 says:

    OMG they should totally make pajamas with the grumpy cat on them.

  2. AMM03 says:

    More grumpy pets please they are funny

  3. Crystal_Secret1944 says:

    I wonder if this comes in plush? I would like that! But I’m pretty sure it’ll be digital only. Oh well.♥

  4. Kcartmann says:

    Is the grumpy cat just for sale online?

  5. 15pounder says:

    It is realy cheap in money :)

  6. catsrock800 says:

    I love it except for the bed. Come on Ganz, you can do better. (:

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