Coming Soon: Cheer Pup


You’ll want to cheer when you see this wonderful pup! The Cheer Pup will be available this June.

100 Responses to Coming Soon: Cheer Pup

  1. mialynn6 says:

    So cute! I do cheerleading so this will be perfect :)

  2. Sunset12 says:

    Cute but I think that they are making too many different patterned dogs. It would be cool if they could start making different designs on other animals instead of the dogs.

  3. melanie5975 says:

    I think that pattern puppies are awesome. Because so many people complain about them, how about making pattern kittens as well? Also, they need to make more lil’kinz.

  4. rainelda says:

    Here’s what I think of this pet…On one side, I love this pet! maybe its because those two colors are my favorite and the PSI is kinda cool, but on the other side ganz probably can’t think of any more pets so their coming up with “pattern” pets, but the thing I don’t get about that is that they can base their pets off real life like they did in the past so why can’t they do that now? is it because they ran out of real life pets(animals) to base a webkinz on?…Who knows, I just know that these pets lately are getting ridiculous…

  5. snowybear01 says:

    im getting it from amazon!

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