Splash Dragon Retires!

ATTENTION ALL COLLECTORS: The Splash Dragon has been a very popular pet and as a result it has been completely sold out from our warehouse.  If you own a Webkinz Splash Dragon you are invited to visit Today’s Activities THIS weekend to count sailboats on Saturday (May 17th) and pick up a free Lifeguard Jacket  on Sunday (May 18th).

61 Responses to Splash Dragon Retires!

  1. stuperstar says:

    I wish i had her!!!! If i had her i will name it beauty fish. I want her really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Amneris says:

    That is not a very good retirement gift. It is so easy to get by sending 1KC mail to the hosts. I have 38 of them. Why don’t you start giving out the clothes from the count the sailboats game as the retirement gifts? The game gives out nothing but KC 99% of the time.

  3. adara917 says:

    i have that lifeguard jacket! and i just love the sea bed and salt water taffy! but goodbye, sea dragon. :(

  4. HorseRiderJada says:

    I have so many retired Webkinz I’ve lost count it will be sad seeing this one go

  5. loki2 says:

    i have a splash dragon but i’m confused, i thought the ice dragon was the sixty dollar one! please answer this someone

    • HorseRiderJada says:

      this is a SPLASH dragon not a ice dragon and I now a guy how sells them cheap and he’s been colleting ever since webkinz started so he must have seen sooooooooooooooo many come and go

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