Coming Soon: Flutter Pig

The Flutter Pig will be available this September!

195 Responses to Coming Soon: Flutter Pig

  1. prittynova1 says:

    I’m getting him with the promotional idems great job ganz BUT pls make a airborne puppy plushie :D

  2. NaCole4 says:

    Yay! I can get another pig! and now you can order the plush from the estore. I think this is the first time they’ve done this. I can’t wait!!!!!!

  3. abbigail7890 says:

    my fave animals are pigs!!

  4. olivia0916 says:

    This one is very cute, October has some cute Webkinz in store!

  5. Beezle03 says:

    holy chicken nuggets i want one!!!

  6. ponywaffle says:

    my mom would die, she LOVES! flying pigs

  7. mia8mia8 says:

    I love pigs and now they fly! it is super duper cute!

  8. pompomkitty43 says:

    Ha ha! Great idea Ganz! Now I can finally prove that pigs can fly! :)

  9. winkinbear says:

    Why does the sneak peek virtual look nothing like this?

  10. 1fatcat says:

    Names for pet: pinky, Julie, taffy twist.

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