Toadstool Theme: NOW AVAILABLE!


For the first time EVER, Webkinz players voted on a new theme they wanted added to the WShop, reviewed concept art, offered feedback to the artists and even helped named each item. Today, Hailey and Elwin are pleased to announce that the Toadstool theme is now available in the WShop!



ELWIN: “Congratulations to everyone who voted for this theme and followed the process of creating these items on Webkinz Newz. This theme is truly unique and is a fabulous addition to the WShop!”


HAILEY: “I JUST LOVE IT! The best part is that these pieces can be used indoors or out. This theme is cozy, enchanting and ABSOLUTELY beautiful!”



Look for the Toadstool theme in the ROOM THEMES section of the WShop!


Are you happy with how this theme turned out? What is your favorite item from the Toadstool theme? Please leave your comments below…


87 Responses to Toadstool Theme: NOW AVAILABLE!

  1. Pokemonlover368 says:

    what has happend to this room theme? I was able to buy the set one day and when i save up enough money to start buying it the next day it was blank? The button is still there. Please help, it was a very cute theme and I just returned to playing webkinz this month! thanks!

  2. dirtybaby01 says:

    Could someone please send me the deluxe only items in the toadstool theme. I only need the fireplace and 3 floor tiles. My username is dirtybaby01.

  3. puddytat says:

    What was the prize on Saturday 23th, because I missed it?

  4. dirtybaby01 says:

    Could anyone please send me the deluxe items from the toadstool theme. i would appreciate it very very much. Thanks!

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