Coming Soon: Signature Marble Cat


The Signature Marble Cat will be in stores this June!

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  1. SuperWebkinzFox765 says:

    I`m getting one, and I`m going to name her Gravity :)

  2. llamalover12 says:

    TOO CUTE! i am totally a cat person! i love all cats except sphinx cats….they creep me out……….. please make a signature cocker spaniel if you haven’t already! (don’t think you have) :D

  3. puppypal904 says:

    I LOVE IT!!!

  4. doggirl7261 says:

    everyone add me my user is doggirl7261

  5. bonropog says:

    ooooh too cute! I will have to ask for her for my birthday!

  6. cleokitten says:

    so cute I just love cats

  7. gryffindork394 says:

    So cute !! I just might get this one . I have the Signature Ragdoll, named Bella, she’s one of my favorite Webkinz in my collection :) <3 ♥ gryffindork394 ♫♪♫♪♫

  8. SOXYMISCHIEF1028 says:

    love the signature series of pets!

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