Coming Soon: Signature Moose

The Signature Moose will be in stores this October!

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  1. zebb5 says:

    Its so cute!!! If I get it I would name him Bullwinkle =3

  2. bobeythebobe333 says:

    I like it! I think it looks sad and needs a home!

  3. BordercollieLover says:

    Cool! I love wild life!

  4. rocstar52 says:

    My Little Brother living in the wild west of our Great Country help to protect the Moose – such a graceful creature and this one is most realistic!!

  5. cocoa3rio says:

    Its An OK Signature. I Was Hoping They Would Have Made Some Kind Of Wolf Or A Cute Dog

  6. Carolyncat says:

    Hmm. A moose? Not of one of my favorite signatures. Cute though. :)

  7. hollow79 says:

    That’s strange Webkinz said that they where retiring the Signature line

  8. nikinoodle says:

    I hope they make a SIGNATURE BROWN ARABIAN HORSE, but I EXTREMELY want a SIGNATURE WHITE & TOFFEE COLORED GUINEA PIG. I also want a kuvasz dog. :)

  9. nikinoodle says:

    Hmm, well maybe…………………… I probably would not buy…….. it is cute, but my Signature African Wild Dog “Hatari” would probably eat him! :)LoL:)

  10. starbrite1 says:

    I like the moose. Is it true that they are ending signatures? They really shouldn’t. I really liked all the realistic animals. Don’t end signatures, ganz, I think it would be a mistake to end signatures.

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