Country and General Store Themes Are Retiring!


Don’t forget!


On August 28th the Country and General Store Themes will be retiring to Deluxe! That means that if you’re not Deluxe, you won’t be able to buy these items!


But don’t panic!


You still have a few more days to get the items from these Themes. Snatch them up while you still can!


26 Responses to Country and General Store Themes Are Retiring!

  1. ladeeda says:

    oh yeah deluxe only! now i know what i am paying for !

    • ImaPepper says:

      As a deluxe member you’re paying for: extra games in the arcade, Vacation Island, KinzStyle Shop, Deluxe only challenges, extra Daily Activities, extra jobs, Deluxe only activities, Deluxe only room themes, Deluxe only clothing in the KinzStyle Outlet, special customizations of your dock, eStore points, monthly gifts, . . . um, yeah. Even without these two room themes I’m pretty sure you get your money’s worth.

  2. ImaPepper says:

    Finally finished, got all the pieces–yay! Hope something new is coming for everyone in the W Shop. . . ???

  3. Aslania101 says:

    I ment probably going to be

  4. just_me says:

    WUUUUTTTTTT?! Why is everything deluxe now?!?!?! :’-( Talk about favoring….

  5. pantheratigristigris says:


  6. LWICA says:

    Is this one theme or two themes that are retiring, i’m lost.

  7. hachilaticiab says:

    Some of the stuff is on sale thru the day & you can find some in the Curio Shop :)

  8. kathlyyn says:

    DaRn It! I LOVE those EXPENSIVE themes. Oh well I need some serious kinz cash, fast

  9. Lilly1 says:

    I have two of them.

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