Webkinz Friends Community Page!

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Hi Parents & Webkinz Friends players on Facebook!

Have you been building the Kinzville of your dreams? Are you looking for tips, tricks and a place to ask questions about the NEW Webkinz Friends game on Facebook?

Visit our Webkinz Friends community page to discover other players, ask us questions and to share your amazing, creative towns.

If you have a Facebook account, we look forward to hearing from you on the OFFICIAL page.   –>  http://facebook.com/WebkinzFriends <–  Please give us  “LIKE”!

47 Responses to Webkinz Friends Community Page!

  1. lipglider says:

    This is more fun than normal webkinz. No fair!!!

  2. iamkool says:

    betsy… really?

  3. cleverdinoboy says:

    I have a problem. when I click on `play`, nothing happens, just a screen saying webkinz friends beta!

  4. emma says:

    im am soooo going to ask my mom for a facebook i really want to play this game it looks so funnn :)

  5. savanahkinz says:

    Why can’t we use our friends from Webkinz??!!

  6. lightpapa says:

    Well, I guess I don’t have to worry because I am not 13 yet and you have to 13 or older to play. If my mom or dad plays I can just give them my codes, but I think two webkinz accounts is a little too much.

  7. 4sars says:

    ;hEY!!!!!!!!!!! i like it but do u have to get a code.

  8. robyn says:

    Two of the accounts in our family that have full membership (1 year) had them, the ones that only have the monthly membership had their estore points. If you should have it try hitting your ‘get stuff’ button and see if it shows up. If it doesn’t you might have to get a hold of ganz and ask them. They are great about helping with stuff like that. Good Luck!! **robyn**

  9. robyn says:

    No you do not have to buy a webkinz to play this game. They give you one free and then everyday you can collect adoption certificates and they allow you to get more webkinz for free as well. You do have the option to buy one and enter the code on this game too tho.

  10. powerpokmon2 says:

    for webkinz freinds, do you have to buy a webkinz in like a store or you get to chose your pet as a online pet when you begin webkinz friends?

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