Camp Craft: Rain painting








What you need:

-          Card stock

-          Washable markers

-          A rainy day!

What you do:

Using the markers, draw a picture or a pattern on the card stock. Put your drawing out in the rain for a bit, until the colors run. Bring your painting inside and let it dry.

This is a fun way to create a unique memento of a rainy day.

22 Responses to Camp Craft: Rain painting

  1. Webkinz says:

    Like seriously I could do that it’s raining in SUMMER what weird weather. I live in america not africa so it is unsual.

  2. Caitie says:

    epic idea! you know , today was raining so hard on the way home . We had to stop for a while intill the rain stopped. i like playing in the rain , if its not lightning. peace out webkinz lovers!

  3. ROX! says:

    That seems cool. Sort of. I might try it. – ROX! ^.~

  4. BatRulz says:

    I have an idea….Ok so let say there is no rain…simple….just take a spray bottle of water and lightly spray your drawing…voila!

  5. Amber says:

    I did that way before this person posted it. Well I was painting a picture on card stock because there were no markers or pencils to write on it. So while I was painting I spilled my cup of water to drink all over it. By the time it dried it looked like that picture.

  6. MDIChickadee says:

    Interesting. I wonder if you could also use a sprinkler to wet the drawing …

  7. misspjay says:

    How Adorable!

  8. gingersnappish says:

    Sounds like fun! Maybe I’ll try it. I don’t have cardstock though- any subsitutes

  9. WinterFawn says:

    No rain….)=

    • luv dance says:

      booooo the rain would just soke the card stock :P;P:(

      • mebelovin♥ says:

        nah cardstock is like the toughest kind of paper it probbaly look pretty bad though. I mean for me it probbly be a good thing cause iam a terrible artist, but for you guys i’d ruin your beautiful art!!!!! llamas 123….. ughhh why cant a llama just walk in my house when i want it to! my dreams are crushed iam sorry iam really hyper :)

      • lillyluvie says:

        I like it! I had girl scout camp today. It was SO hot out! :( It was really sticky and humid outside…
        Not the best weather for camp! ;) But it was still really fun! :D *Luv from LillyLuvie*

    • Mudstar says:

      I’ve had rain for 14 nights now

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