Camp Craft: Rain painting








What you need:

-          Card stock

-          Washable markers

-          A rainy day!

What you do:

Using the markers, draw a picture or a pattern on the card stock. Put your drawing out in the rain for a bit, until the colors run. Bring your painting inside and let it dry.

This is a fun way to create a unique memento of a rainy day.

22 Responses to Camp Craft: Rain painting

  1. mollygirl says:

    i like it but u could add a camp fire

  2. mae110 says:

    Hey everyone!!! This painting sounds like a lot of fun to do!!! Any of you going to try it? I am next time it rains!!!

  3. flowerdaisy13579 says:

    Well, i think that it is really cool, but the cardstock would just get drenched, and the paper would fall all apart and the cool little game/trick will not work. Sorry…its a good idea, but I am sorry to say, that it would probably not work.
    flowerdaisy out!

  4. caryloop says:

    i tried it it does not work so dont try it!!! it is a total waste!!!!—–:(—-caryloop

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