Elwin & Hailey Redo the Art Room

Hey, readers! Guess who’s back? That’s right! It’s me, Elwin, back where I belong! Hailey and I are back in the swing of things and we just got a great assignment from Ms. Cowoline. She found some KinzCash in her budget to expand the art program at the KVA and she asked us to take charge of the redesign of the Art Room. The room was quite attractive to begin with, but Ms. Cowoline wanted us to use some items from the Creative Studio line to offer her students more opportunities to work with different media, as well as adding pottery to the curriculum.

Here is the old art room. It’s actually pretty funky, right? I really like that orange wallpaper. The only thing is, I think that having such colorful walls could detract from the awesome artwork the students are creating and Hailey and thought that maybe a more neutral background would help to highlight their masterpieces. Also, while the teacher had put up some nice artwork from the W Shop and her own collection to inspire the students, we thought that the students’ own works should be showcased on the walls. 

So Hailey and I went with new neutral Beachhouse Flooring because we thought the muted shades would reduce glare from the overhead lights when the students are trying to focus. The Blue Sky Wallpaper has a dreamy quality that we felt would inspire without being overpowering.  Two bigger sinks were added to help with clean up and we replaced the tables with Art Easels, but we did add a few craft paper covered tables in the corner that can be pulled out and used when students need a flat surface to work on. The art teacher got a crafty new drafting table, fully stocked with supplies and her own Charming Charcoal Easel where she can demonstrate techniques to her students. We hung some Fashion Fabric Rolls on the wall that the kids can use for crafts, and in the corner we included both an Art Station and a Storage Workbench. The opposite corner is the sculpting area, complete with a couple of Potter’s Wheels and a Potter Kiln Oven.

Ms. Cowoline was very happy with the results and we think the students will be able to create some awesome art in their new space.


25 Responses to Elwin & Hailey Redo the Art Room

  1. cathouse2j3gnight2011 says:

    I’m glad you are with Hailey again Elwin. The art room looks good now. Good job!!! >>cathouse2 : ) :-)

  2. Rainbow Kitty says:

    Very colorful. I like this art room! I love things colorful, and this room says it all. Look at the blue paint with the pawprints leading to the door, LOL! ~§~Rainbow Kitty~§~

  3. Gabriella♥ says:

    That’s a nice art room. Very dreamy, and inspirational too, as Elwin said already. I also think it looks calmer, which is good to keep artists’ patience. I really like this work of art, LOL! ♥

  4. CoconutCloud says:

    The art room looks amazing! Both before and after! But I have to agree, the after room looks more dreamy and inspirational than the before room. ~CC~

    • DragonPrincess says:

      I really like both rooms too. The before looks more like a classroom to me and the after looks more like a painting studio (with a pottery corner). Both are great but the redesign is much more for painting than other types of crafts. It needs more flat surfaces for when you’re not painting. ~DP

  5. cathouse2j3gnight2011 says:

    I’m glad you are with Hailey again Elwin. The art room looks good now. Good job!!! >>cathouse2

  6. sonici says:

    Wayy Cool At First I Thought U Guys Were Losing Ur Touch NOT ANYMORE!!! : **~**Sonici**~**

  7. remorso11 says:

    This might be my favorite that you’ve ever done!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remorso11

  8. Twilight AKA Stargazer... Changing to TwilightStar! says:

    Wow! Great job re-designing Hailey and Elwin! I really love the new art room. It’s great! I’m glad you’re back Elwin! ;) :lol: (I think Hailey is, too!). Keep up the good work! ~<3Twi_Star

  9. jennifer says:

    It’s really quite nice, but, why the fabric without a sewing machine? jennifer

    • evileyes567 says:

      Ms. Cowaline had that much extra money? But the room still looks great! Good job, you two! Still amazing! BTW @jennifer the students could still cut the cloth and make other crafts with it, not just sow it. ;)

      • jennifer says:

        Oops! Sorry Elwin, my one track mind at work there. When i was in school ( a 150 years ago) Art class consisted of lots of brown paper and temper paint in the far cornor of the school. jennifer

  10. ~*Green Zebra*~A.K.A solocup says:

    Elwin im so happy ur back! and i absolutly LOVE this room its really nice looking!i like the pawprints 2! *’*'* Green zebra out*’*'* :mrgeeen: :roll: ;-)

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