Famous Adventurer: Dogbeard










Today I have the pleasure of interviewing the famous pirate, Dogbeard!

EM: Dogbeard, I’m so glad you agreed to be interviewed!

DB: It’s my pleasure, Ella. I happen to be between voyages right now, so I figured ‘why not’?

EM: OK, first question – is it true that you’re the toughest pirate to sail the seas of Webkinz World?

DB: You bet it is! I’m one rough and tough pirate! I’m not afraid of anything or anyone! I’ll sail in the stormiest storm and dig the deepest treasure and do whatever it takes to be the best pirate in the sea!

EM: Woah. That’s impressive! What kind of pirate would you say your sister Laurabeard is?

DB: She’s OK.

EM: Just OK?

DB: She’s…oh, fine. She’s really good. She saved my entire ship in a terrible storm once. She’s great at navigating, and she has a really good sense of direction. But she’s not tougher than me!

EM: No?

DB: No way. I would totally win a toughness contest.

EM: How many voyages would you say you’ve taken?

DB: Hmm…that’s a good question. Over 100, that’s for sure.

EM:  And how many treasures have you found?

DB: Uh…well…now…how many?

EM: Yes, how many treasures?

DB: Um…three.

EM: I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that – how many?

DB: Three. I’ve found three treasures. And one of them was candy, so I’m not even sure that counts.

EM: Well, three isn’t so bad. Why, I heard that Captain Patches only found fifty treasures in his lifetime. And you’re much younger than he is!

DB: Hmm…that’s true! Well, I guess you have a good point. Thanks, Ella! You’ve inspired me. I’ve got to get back out there and find me some more treasure!

EM: Happy to be of service! Until next time, dear readers!

17 Responses to Famous Adventurer: Dogbeard

  1. SolarSpeed says:

    He is still young, so he can find a lot more then three in his life time.

  2. MDIChiickadee says:

    Dogbeard is so cute!

  3. Adrian says:

    Candy is a real treasure for him, at least from what I see. In other words, I expected much more. But it’s OK.

  4. luvsports33 says:

    I thought a tough pirate would have more than three.

  5. pangie74 :D says:

    candy is a great treasure! funny comments!

  6. finemilkchocolate28 says:

    That’s a cute interview! I like DogBeard.

  7. KrazyKatie says:

    Wow only three, keep working Dogberd dont let us down!!!

  8. Pink Piggy says:

    I am getting confused between all these pirates! Like, which one is the ghost pirate, and who is Captain Patches? Oi yoi yoi!

  9. lillyluvie says:

    Cool interview! :D I hope he finds more treasure soon. ;) *Luv from LillyLuvie*

  10. Ash says:

    Only three? Seriously? That’s not a lot for the toughest pirate in webkinz world.

    • Emeraldleaf says:

      That’s what I thought….the toughest pirate found only three treasures? And that isn’t even exact because he said candy was one of the treasures, and that isn’t even a treasure to me, anyway. So only two treasures found. Captain Patches found fifty, which is really good. Go find more treasure, Dogbeard!!! :D

      ~*Emeraldleaf* :mrgreen: ~

      • Sugar Snail says:

        I consider candy a treasure…

        • lisiec8 says:

          well yes it depends on how you look at it some people might think a treasure is only a treasure if it is locked up in a treasure box and deep in the ground for some years and has millions of dollars worth of gold in it, but some people might think anything that you love or cherish is a treasure so really anything can be treasure

          • lillyluvie says:

            Candy is a pretty good treasure, but gold might be a little better. ;) Just keep
            trying to find some treasure Dogbeard! *Luv from LillyLuvie* :mrgreen:

      • sparklegirlLT says:

        Wow, three. Well I’m sure you can find much more Dogbeard! :D

    • Tumble says:

      Yeah, that’s pretty sad. And those treasures didn’t even have gold in them! Just candy!

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