Fantastic Camp Crafts!

The ‘Kinz have been so busy at the craft cabin at camp! Check out some of their very favorite camp crafts!













Cowabelle made this neat “Number 1 Ghost Story Teller” ribbon for her friend Roberta. Roberta has a real knack for story-telling. And scaring everyone.











Salley Cat and Stoogles worked hard on this awesome lantern! They actually made about twenty in total – and we decorated the craft cabin. They looked great!








Check out this awesome archery arrow Sparky made to commemorate his fabulous arrow-shooting skills!










Roberta was so excited to find a perfectly flat rock and some pretty seashells (and smaller rocks) to make this nature-inspired craft!






Cowabelle was thrilled to discover this piece of driftwood – and these perfect rocks and shells! What a terrific turtle!


We hope you’ve been inspired to create some crafts of your own!


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  2. Ektz says:

    i like the fish the most!

  3. JustinBieberLover says:

    I think that the people that put their creations on here are very talented and think of ideas that I would never think of. You guys are really good! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

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