Friendship Pins







What you need:
Beads, 10 safety pins

What you do:
1. Put beads onto nine of the safety pins – you can make any pattern you choose.
2. Attach the beaded safety pins to the tenth safety pin.
3. Pin the safety pin to a jacket or your shoe.
4. Make some of these pins for your friends!

33 Responses to Friendship Pins

  1. Sarah Rae says:

    This is still such a cool thing. I loved these as a kid! And girls are wearing these again. (Who would’ve thought?!) My friend’s 10 yr. old daughter wears them. These girls think it’s something new. Haha. Some company out of Texas sells them in a package. I’ve seen the safety pins. They don’t look like the safety pins I ever used!

  2. lululemon says:

    pretty cool ! if you drill a hole in legos then put a string through the hole and its a necklace!

  3. rachelyy says:

    help find the clue!!! pleaseeeeeeee

  4. Fireheart says:

    To many safety pins:( !!!

  5. jessevonjess says:

    awww thats sooo cute i want to make one right now =)


  6. nclevin says:

    it looks gooooood but i didn’t try it yet


    Hmm… Kinda cute, wait what are they??? Looks more like um, I DON”T KNOW! LOL

  8. I Notice Things says:

    I just noticed a couple of days ago that there is a tiny tm next to nearly every game title in the arcade and next to other words in webkinz. The tm stands for trade marketed which means no other company can use those phrases. I just thought you would all find this incredibly interesting because i know i did.

  9. punkin55555 says:

    I love it. I will have to try it. friend me i am punkin55555

  10. dawndrop16 says:

    Awesome! I will definitely make this! -Dawndrop*

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