Friendship Tale: Roberta & Cowabelle






Names: Roberta Rabbit & Cowabelle Cowoline

Friends since: Forever and ever! Roberta and Cowabelle went to the same preschool class – and they’ve been inseparable ever since!

Favorite thing to do together: There are MANY things these two do together. They’re both into reading, dancing, singing, watching plays (and acting in them) and listening to music. Cowabelle is a little bit more outgoing than Roberta.

Favorite color: Cowabelle loves red, Roberta loves green.

Favorite subject at school: They both ADORE drama class, but Cowabelle also really loves language, and Roberta likes science.

Favorite thing about each other:

Roberta: I love that Cowabelle is always positive and enthusiastic about pretty much everything. She’s so supportive and she’s always up for an adventure.

Cowabelle: I love that Roberta is kind – even when others aren’t totally kind to her, she always approaches everyone with a big heart. I think that’s a wonderful quality to have!

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  1. CoolCat says:

    Me and friend have that type of friendship too. I’ve known her since I was 2 and she was 3, now we are going into 7th grade! We are really close but we are very different. She is sporty I’m not, she is outgoing and loud (in a good way) where i am more quiet and shy. I like to dress fancy with jewelry where she likes a more relaxed style. But she might have to move :( That would be SOOOOOOO sad!

  2. insanity says:

    Wow, they have a pretty good friendship!

  3. kittycat12 says:

    I have known my best friend longer than they have. We almost became sisters. Also I was actually outside the hospital when my best friend was born. At that time I was 2 months old.

  4. BearHug302 says:

    Awesome! I love it!

  5. mebelovin says:

    i ♥ my best friend we have known each other since 2nd grade hes the best and the sweetest, and my other friend since i was six months and him just born we always hang out (by the way i am a girl not a guy❥
    ) -mebelovin to sing❥♥♥❥

  6. angelj says:

    friends are hard to find to me.I need them more than ever.

    they are awsome

  7. blazinStar13 says:

    I have four best friends and they are the best in the whole world. We are called the five. We have had a lot of great times together and are getting ready to go to summer camp together :)

  8. imeeyore says:

    I LOVE FRIENDSHIP MONTH!!! I have so many besties!!!! This story is a True Friendship Story!!! Best friends are a good thing to have!!! :D :D :D

  9. Animefriend P-C,S says:

    I have two best friends like that too. I am good at arts while My first best friend is SUPER good at gymnastics and trampoline. My second best friend is good at ice skating as I am good at swimming. ( Cause I am a Anime: Pretty Cure fan, it is hard to not talk about, especally on friendship month!). The story with Roberta and Cowabelle kind of reminds me of that show A LOT ;)

  10. rachelkory says:

    Awwww. That’s great Cowbelle and Roberta are still great BFF’S. I love the picture of them hugging.

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