Friendship Treasure Hunt!

Time to start hunting for clues to win some treasure! Visit the Treasure Hunt page and then log in with your Webkinz World account. Follow the instructions, read the clue and figure out where to go next! Once you’ve solved all of the clues, you will win a Dear Diary Leopard virtual figure!

950 Responses to Friendship Treasure Hunt!

  1. melanie says:

    great this will be fun! ;)

  2. blake says:

    this is going to be cool

  3. bwhitehair says:

    Lookkin for last clue treasure hunt hard to find

  4. beagles116 says:

    i don,t no how to do this but i think it looks fun

  5. Elizabeth says:

    OH MY GOSH a treasure hunt .

  6. ayla says:

    how do u look for clues

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