Get Ready to Camp!

To get you in a camping mood this summer, we’re giving away a CampKinz Picnic Blanket and a CampKinz Sleeping Bag! Look for the CampKinz Picnic Blanket from June 20 until June 26 — it’ll be floating around Webkinz Newz. On June 23, head over to the Events page and play the CampKinz Sleeping Bag Peek-A-Newz Challenge — find Sparky 5 times to win a CampKinz Sleeping Bag for your account.

Limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day.

25 Responses to Get Ready to Camp!

  1. agentspygirl says:

    love this !

  2. deudawg2 says:

    I missed the blanket. if anyone got an extra one, will you send to deudawg2. Please and thanks!!

  3. agentspygirl says:

    I love mine I put it in my play ground!! Thank you

  4. agentspygirl says:

    I absolutely love this I have one in my camp !!!

  5. yomenchaca123 says:

    i want one

  6. noga33433433 says:

    wait what?

  7. noga33433433 says:

    jessicakrandolph i am a duluxe my username is noga3343.

  8. cowtown says:

    hurray i got it thank you ganz, can’t wait until my pets go to camp. i have to wait until the first week of july . cause we are leaving this week and not sure if they have internet, but if they do i get another chance hurray. i’m so happy thank you ganz.

  9. terri824 says:

    I spent quite some time looking for this earlier( AM) and finally found it, only for it to say Expired. So I am now trying to look again (PM) and it is very difficult to find. I don’t understand why you have to wait a full 24 hrs. to get the items again. I would think that as long as it isn’t the same day that would be ok.

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