Go on a Cloud Adventure!

Look for Sparky floating around from now until September 5 to win a random piece from the Cloud Adventure outfits. Your Webkinz pets will be ready for adventure in the skies with these awesome clothes!

Limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day.

63 Responses to Go on a Cloud Adventure!

  1. CountryKinz17 says:

    Hope I get those wings! :D

  2. prettylittleliars1 says:

    does anyone have an extra pair of wings they could give me please

  3. prettylittleliars1 says:

    i need the wings and the shoes.

  4. MiniPines101 says:

    Anyone have the wings? I really need them!

  5. RandomName2014 says:

    I wish I could get some wings. I just keep getting dresses.

  6. zarab2007 says:

    So many explorer clothes webkinz news challenges. Cloud explorer, ocean explorer, and cave explorer. I guess webkinz is getting all the exploring starts before school gets in the way.

  7. mermaids18 says:

    how do you win it? do you click it on webkinz world, or on this? :p

  8. natalie13 says:

    SPARKY Where are you??

  9. ImaPepper says:

    Can’t find Sparky today or yesterday. . . ???

  10. marray says:

    So far I’ve only gotten the pants. Hope to get the whole outfit!

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