Gorgeous Glitter Pens

Pens don’t just have to be for making art – with a little imagination a boring old ballpoint pen can become a work of art in itself.




You will need:

-          Ballpoint pen(s)

-          Glue

-          Paintbrush

-          Glitter or tiny beads

-          Bowl

-          Paper cup

-          Newspaper

1.    Make sure your pen is clean so the glue will stick to it.

2.    Fill a bowl with glitter or tiny beads.

3.    Take your paintbrush, dip it into the glue and coat the sides of your pen with a layer of glue, making sure not to get glue on the tip of the pen.

4.    When the pen is covered in glue, dip it into the bowl of glitter or beads and roll it around until it’s completely covered.

5.    Shake off any excess glitter or beads into the bowl and set the pen upright in the paper cup to dry for at least 24 hours.

6.    Why not make a few to share with your friends?

Once your pen is dry you can start creating with your new creation.

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