Hailey Designs a Camp Site!

Hey Campers! Check out this awesome campsite that I created for the girls’ camp out.






When the camp staff asked me to set up a campsite, the first thing I did was go hiking through the woods in search of the ultimate campsite. I was really lucky to find this lovely clearing in the woods with a small pond off to one side. How quaint is that? Elwin helped me haul in some rocks to create this blazing campfire

in the middle of the space. We wanted the girls to have some place to eat their breakfast, so I added a picnic table and benches off to one side as well as a handy cooler for transporting the food to and from the site. A couple of striped beach loungers make a comfortable place for the Roberta to perch when she creeps out the other campers with her gruesome ghost tales! And at bedtime the girls will all be curled up as snug as bugs in rugs in their soft, cozy sleeping bags.

I might even have to drag my own sleeping bag out here to catch one of Roberta’s bloodcurdling tales!



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  1. STARFISH says:

    i do agree. it iz cool

  2. jb's girl forever says:


  3. Narniaisawesome1412 says:

    It is pretty cool. Although I think the lake should be big enough to fish in, and I think there should be enough chairs for everyone. But it is pretty cool!


  4. dawndrop16 says:

    Nice camp site! Love the sleeping bags! -Dawndrop*

  5. JEL says:

    I don’t think the campsite is woodsy enough.:(

  6. camcam101 says:


    -camcam101 WOWZERZ! COOL PIC!

  7. TheDisneyFreak says:

    I WANT THOSE SLEEPING BAGS! I wonder if they’ll release them in the second half of the Campkinz’ Theme?

    • ***Where to get those: Sleeping Bags says:

      Those sleeping bags were a part of a POTM set a long time ago. I hope they offer them again in the estore! They would be great with the CampKinz Theme! or BETTER YET: they could make a sleepig bag (‘bed’) for the wshop so we could ALL get one!

  8. *~**Coolgirl27965**~* says:

    Well it certainly is out in the forest, look at all the trees, it must have cost a fortune.


  9. Little Miss SUNSHINE says:


  10. imeeyore says:

    I love the campsite!!! I want a sleeping bag!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Direwolves says:

      Ditto! I want a sleeping bag to!

      • mebelovin♥ says:

        ditto that ditto where do you get them e-store -sigh- HOW DID I KNOW i want a llama to walk in my bedroom door 1 2 3 darn no llama that’s dissapointing items in the e-store are like llamas……..get it give it a minute….OH i get it ha wow that only took me 10 minutes haha lol iam bored!!!!!

      • lillyluvie says:

        I like the campsite! The firepit looks really cool!!!! :mrgreen: *Luv from LillyLuvie*

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          • mebelovin♥ says:

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          • Moonstar says:

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          • Dewstep says:

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          • Moonstar says:

            Wait, lets not go there. I will tell you where to go there. -Moonstar§

          • Dewstep says:

            okay you tell me where to go …. meet you there!!! :D :D :D ~ Dewstep

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          • sparklegirlLT says:

            I love this campsite! :) I really like the trees all around it. I LOVE Moonstar and mebelovin too.

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    • Addict502 says:

      Wow, I love it! The sleeping bags are really pretty, too. I wish I had an Estore account. :sigh: Oh well. Good job, Hailey!

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