It’s all about Flower Power!

If you’re looking to give your backyard a makeover, why not plant some flowers? There are flowers that like shade, and flowers that like sunlight. There are annuals (those are flowers that live for one growing season) and perennials (those are flowers that live for several growing seasons). Flowers come in all different colors and sizes, so you know you’ll find something perfect for your garden. Remember: it’s all about flower power!

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  1. Pebbles says:

    i thought the wacky hot air balloon was cool, but now I don’t like it. my pet can’t even ride in it. that sucks

  2. cottonpuf says:

    gwenelizabeth2 I didn’t get anything at a 1000 green points either. Had been getting such good stuff, was expecting something really great, but sadly nothing. Guess thats what we get for working so hard. :) lol

  3. ooladop says:

    Is that the bubblegum cheeky cat??

  4. gwenelizabeth2 says:

    Right so far–These are actually easy- the cooking challenge was much harder not only did we have to find ingredients we had try decide on which machine. Doesn’t matter will never be able to enter in time to be 1st 10. Computer too slow.
    BTW–I just reached 1000 green points and nothing happened also didn’t get a prize was hoping for tree seat that’s in park. I was getting trees every 100 pts. and then reach “mile Stone” and nothing. Any one out there get anything for getting 1000 gp? please let me know thanx–Peace Out

    • ToDoT says:

      No prize at 1000, you need to get to 1100. Consider it catching up for the one at 350.
      Here is list:
      Cleanup Kinz T-Shirt Recycle 100 items
      Cleanup Kinz Hat Recycle 200 items
      Cleanup Kinz Sunglasses Recycle 300 items
      Keeping the Park Clean Poster Recycle 350 items
      Elegant Alder Recycle 400 items
      Spectacular Spruce Recycle 500 items
      Pruned Poplar Recycle 600 items
      Indoor Lawn Flooring Recycle 700 items
      Kinzville Park Window Recycle 800 items
      Kinzville Park Log Bench Recycle 900 items
      Solar Powered Blender Recycle 1100 items
      Solar Powered Sandwich Maker Recycle 1200 items
      Solar Powered TV Recycled 1300 items

    • Dixiecup says:

      Don’t worry, Gwen….I KNOW I wasn’t the first to enter my recipes last time, but I won a Sparkling Pegasus. It was about 3 days after they opened the contest for entries because I there was some sort of glitch with my computer.
      So, it doesn’t matter when you enter, you still have a very good chance of winning.
      Also, no, there is nothing for reaching 1000 points in the Trash Pick-up. But the good news is that you can start all over and get those same items again. It is not like the Charm Forest where it ends once you get all of the charms.

  5. KellyCookieSlideshow says:

    Hey everyone!! This is the final piece of the tie dye shirt recipe! The recipe is Purple PJ top, Blue and Yellow Fleece, and the Flower Power swimsuit top! Have fun with Persephone’s recipe hunt! (Did you miss the last recipe she hinted at? It was the Bright Spies Trench Coat. Recipe: cowboy hat, black sunglasses, wing tip shoes.)

  6. Fawkes the Phoenix says:

    I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S the TIE DYE SHIRT RECIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you use the purple pj top, the blue and yellow fleece top, and the flower power swimsuit top

  7. Cabear127 says:

    My family has a giant garden. It is so pretty!

  8. dancegirl226 says:

    My mom said I could help her plant some flowers this weekend and I could have my own garden. I love flowers.

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