Molly Remembers: Back-to-School Jitters






Every single year, I always feel the same way right before school starts: nervous. Last year, my sister Millie started kindergarten and she finally understood what I meant when I said I got butterflies in my stomach.  Millie actually cried the entire way to the Kinzville Academy, and continued to cry as I left her with her teacher.

Me? I was OK as soon as I saw my friends. I only felt nervous when I walked into my classroom – you just never know what kind of teacher you’re going to have. I was SO lucky to have Miss Daisy again – she’s so nice. I’ don’t know who my teacher will be this year, but I’m pretty sure Polly will be in my class (I hope so, anyway). I’m just going to remember to stay positive and focus on having a great year.

And as for Millie? She stopped crying by the time I picked her up after school that first day. And actually, she loved school SO much she almost cried when I said it was time to go home!


Good luck at school, my friends! I hope you have a wonderful first day.

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  1. suvfreak43 says:

    When is the first super school day in September 2011 in webkinz world?

  2. finemilkchocolate28 says:

    I’ve been in school for almost three weeks now, but I felt nervous on my first day of school too. When I regrouped with my friends, everything became okay.

  3. incredibles says:

    I dont like the first day back to school either.
    I have too much fun during the summer! But now that it’s not the first day anymore I feel better about being back. I like having something to do everyday. And I can’t wait till the next holiday break!

  4. The Webkinz Pianist says:

    I’m so glad I’m homeschooled. :D

  5. Hazey says:

    Well this story helps identify the true meaning of nervousness

  6. sblevins1 says:

    Hey Seaweed sorry about
    the earthquake stay positive

  7. GooberFan says:

    My elementary school is great, :) during the last week of school, we get to spend the day with our new teacher. It makes starting a new year alot less frightening. I am not looking forward to next September, when I go up to middle school, lots & lots new people, but most of my friends are going to the same one, and my brother will be there, but he’s in the high school part, so I may not even see him :(

  8. molly pig says:

    I’m just so happy to see my friends after the summer!

  9. jupiterismyhamster says:

    I was kind of nervous about my first day back- for the last two years my teachers weren’t exactly the best-

    • (:skye:) says:

      hey guys i had a really good idea!! what if ganz made something on webkinz where you can like personalize you own clothes for your virtual pet, they could have different patterns and colors and shuff and you could draw on them and then when your done you can buy it with kinzcash

      • tAyLoRsWiFtRoCkS says:

        That sounds AWESOME skye but I have to admit on the computer I suck at drawing it’s had :p not my thing!


      • vivian says:

        ya i think they should have different dresses pants hats and shirts all that and let you pick from a lot of colors patterns and kinda paint them on or some thing so you don’t have to be awesome at drawing

  10. CocoaBunny says:

    Aawwww… I like Millie.

    • seaweed says:

      Okay, today was the 2nd worst day of my life. (the worst day was the earthquake) So, it was super rainy, and there was this thunder storm. Our school got struck by lightning, right above the stage, which I was on at the time. There was a huge boom, and the stage shook. Scary. Then, when I got home I was pleased (sarcasm) to find out that our neighbor’s stream had flooded. Some water got into our basement, and one of our swings and one of our tables got washed away. cough, cough our neighbors don’t do a good job of taking care of their stream cough, cough. And they’re up a hill, so they’re not affected by it when it floods, but we are.
      :mrgreen: SEAWEED :mrgreen:

      • Northwestern...all bad things stop it at once! says:

        Today was my second day at school. Today I found out in French class that I am in the same group as two girls who love to hurt my feelings. Awesome! ( Did you pick up any sarcazm? ) Boston ROCKs got a rubber band sent to her, and I do believe she got hit. Yesterday, I got pulled by my hair and, ( Poor Boston ROCKs, but it’s funny too ) my cousin slipped in the cafeteria on a PB and J sandwich

        • Boston ROCKs on picking things up says:

          For that matter, if anyone drops something, please…pick it up. Clean the mess before someone gets hurt

          • Gameboy says:

            Man, my days have been awsome. Cant wait for middle school next year.

          • Gameboy says:

            But yeah, i am getting in trouble alot.

          • Harrypotterrocks says:

            Ugh, yesterday for the entire day I had to carry around:
            In my backpack:
            3 binders
            4 interactive readers
            2 regular books
            my lunch
            and other pencils and stuff
            And in my hands:
            A bag with my PE clothes and running shoes
            two giant text books
            and my clarinet.


          • lillyluvie says:

            Ugh. My second day of school didn’t go to well. I mean, the school day was okay, I
            guess but after school was bad. :( After school I have volleyball for 2 hours and I was
            SOOO sore from yesterdays practice, my muscles hurt really bad! So today my muscles
            were just aching when I tried to do my pushups and situps. But volleyball is cool. ;)
            *Luv from LillyLuvie*

          • live*laugh*love=happiness says:

            OMG! I play volleyball too! Except my practice doesn’t start until Dec., and I agree, I’m SO sore after the fist week or so of practice but I get used to it. It lasts from after school, 3:30 to 5:30.
            Volleyball rocks!!!!!! :D

          • sparklegirlLT says:

            I’m so sorry for everyone who had a bad day. :( My school is great but I know that everyone isn’t as lucky as me. Stay positive! I’ve been very busy though with cross country and school work. I have a cross country meet tonight.

          • vivian says:

            ya i have never played volley ball before but i have played soccer since i was 5 and love it!!!! but this year i didnt get to play cause of the age limit

          • smartgal00 says:

            Wow! you remind me of one of my best friends!

          • krystalkat says:

            btw this is my third day.


          • vivian655 says:

            ya my brother carried his backpack around for his first two years of high school i think but it may have just been the first year and it weighed a ton!!!!! i don’t know how he did it

          • Gameboy says:

            OMG I just noticed that moonstar gone?? WHAT HAPPEN

          • Dawnstar says:

            I Dunno. m trying to find out myself. -*Dawnstar*

          • Heatherstem says:


            It wasn’t my first day, but here’s what happened:
            A: I almost got run over by a bike
            B: I had to run and get my papers from the classroom, which is all the way at the end of the school
            C: My teacher YELLS AT ME FOR BEING RIGHT. I mean, what?! She gave a certain group of people more points than she should’ve, and the other groups suffered because they got extra….
            D: I have water and cheerios for breakfast (bad combination)
            E: The teacher doesn’t let me work on my powerpoint when there are three students already doing the same thing (and there are 4 computers!!!)
            And F: at lunch I was yelled at for talking to my friend.

            The only good thing about today was getting out of homeroom. :roll: Life goes on! (sadly…)

          • Boston pet peeves says:

            The top worst things from school since kindergarten…
            1, teachers that talk too quiet to be heard. 2, teachers that yell at you and punish you for stuff you didn’t do. 3, teachers that imediately put you on the no-go list so no matter what it is, (the nurse, the water fountain, and the restroom) you cannot go to it! 4, bullies, bullies bullies. 5, forgetting to bring my lunch. :? 6, fire drill confusion. 7, being clutzy enough to fall on a sandwich that someone dropped. :oops:

          • ○○○FoxPower○○○ says:

            Hey Boston rocks–got one more for you. I had a teacher who wouldn’t call on me. One day I was so nervous that I was sick to my stomach. We couldn’t leave without permission so by the time she called on me, I just threw up right there at my desk. To really make it awful, she yelled at me for not going to the washroom to be sick! Just keep reminding yourself that a school year doesn’t last forever!!! Good luck for better days!

          • Silverdawn says:

            Whenever my teacher blames me for somthing i didnt do or is unfair to me i yell at her. and i dont have bullies because i broke one of my bullies nose. he passed it on. i know its not proper english.

          • Gameboy says:

            I remeber 2 years ago, if someone gets introuble, THE WHOLE CLASS DOES TOO. They say that it will make the guy not do it again to not get enbaressed. BUT REALLY THE WHOLE CLASS

          • Heatherstem says:

            YES!!! Every nine weeks, we have a homeroom change!!!! And starting on Monday, I have three of my best friends (one that I’ve known since… first grade!) in homeroom!!! I had NO IDEA that happened… and my teacher said it was something new!

          • vivian says:

            oh wow ya my older brother had a teacher in high school that picked favorites and it was really annoying for him :(

          • krystalkat says:

            middle school is going terrible. i mean on the first day someone poured milk on my head again (this is second grade all over again) the next day friendship drama (dont ask), and now the third day someone scratched my name into the wall. i mean why would anyone do that, its a good thing my teacher believed me (shes also my club teacher)

        • tAyLoRsWiFtRoCkS says:

          Oh wow that sounds awful both northwestern and seaweed well Northwestern I am not in middle school or above yet but that sounds horrid. I am back from the dude ranch I went to for Labor Day weekend it was so fun!


        • emant100 says:

          You take French, too? I do! The teacher is completely and utterly BORING! I miss my old French teacher from Middle school… and I’m really sorry about those girls. I know what it feels like. My best friend’s new friend is in my class with me and her. She hogs her from me. :( Luckily I have my other best friend. The teacher made a seating chart and (thankfully) we were put next to each other. My Geometry teacher ACTUALLY had the nerve to give us 50 problems on the first day of school! (which was on Tuesday for me). What’s more, I missed the bus yesterday because I had to go to my locker first before I could leave! We barely get enough time for anything! :(

      • FireWolves says:

        Oh no!

        Extremely Sorry For You!

      • KittyBoy says:

        seweed, hope your OK.

      • Anthem Light's Brightest Lightbulb! says:

        Hi. Ya. I have not started my first day of back to school, yet. I’m kinda nervous. I mean, well, most of the kids I’ll know because we had a meeting about it today, but, there is a few kids I don’t know. My teacher is the same as last year, Mrs. L. But I’m doing a hand bells class this year, too, so. Wish me luck! My new school year starts next week! :)

    • TheWebkinzWarrior says:

      MILLIE IS SOOOO CUTE! i have do admit I think Kindergarten was probably my favorite too. I liked 3rd grade a lot too for some reason but Kindergarten is rather fun!

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