Mother’s Day Contest

Open to Webkinz World players residing in the USA and Canada (some exceptions apply).

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and we’re celebrating everyone’s mom! If you could do anything at all, how would you surprise your mother this Mother’s Day? Tell us in 1000 characters or fewer and you could win a Mother’s Day Prize Pack (the “Prize”)!

The contest opens at 12:00am EST on May 6, 2011 and ends at 11:59 pm EST on May 8, 2011. For details on how to enter the contest and the official contest rules, click here.

Visit the Contests page when the contest opens and fill out the form to enter to this contest. Comments do not count as entries.

48 Responses to Mother’s Day Contest

  1. Kaylee says:

    When did they announce the winners?

  2. tara says:

    i am going to enter the contest

  3. marceline says:

    How do you get that? Where?

  4. lana says:

    flowers cake and a card
    hug kiss and a picture.

  5. Cat says:

    I think i should win the mothers day price because my mom has done everything for me and I can not give anything to her this year and my mom deserves a thank you. I can at least tell her I won a contest because of her. I am probably not the least fortunate family, but before me choose them first. I could get my mother something but we have no spare money. Some families can get nothing not even if they try. My family is very important to me they come first, if they want to hang out with me but my friend does to……BYE BYE FRIEND!! Mom’s are the best aren’t they! They feed you, raise you, house you, clothe you, and much much more! Thank you to everyone who has tried to win this not only for themself but their mom too!

  6. mb601 says:

    This looks awesome and cool

  7. tammysholiday says:


  8. lexia says:

    i can enter because i live in KY i and i’m going to enter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) to bad for you guys:( Florida and some other states:(

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