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Hello, children. I’ve called you here today to make an exciting announcement about a very special event that the School Council is planning. I’m pleased to announce that this November, the Kinzville Academy will be holding its first annual Fall Fair.

This year’s bake sale was a great success and the council has a healthy budget with which to throw an exciting and fun-filled day. There will be rides, games and snacks to enjoy. Salley has assured me that she and her cabinet, Stoogles and Purr-cilla, have the planning well in hand and that they will be filling us in on all the details of the day in the near future.

So, I hope that you will all mark the date, November 19, in your calendars and let your family and friends know that all of Kinzville will be welcome. I know that Salley can count on all of you to step up and volunteer with whatever help they may require.

25 Responses to Ms. Cowoline’s Announcement

  1. Webkinz Rocks! says:

    I wish it was on a Sunday. I always have very busy Saturdays.

  2. lovelylulululu says:

    omg sure teach! its at the school right?

  3. MDIChickadee says:

    Is Ms. Cowoline really going to let the Student Council officers plan everything with no oversight? Wow.

  4. PARTY HOUSE says:

    SICK I LUV FALL FAIRS DO U!?!?!?!?!?!

  5. Kitty SoftPaws says:


    P.S. I’m also hello kitty gal!

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