Planning the perfect pool party


By Amanda Panda

It’s getting hot out there, which has got me thinking… POOL PARTY!!! As long as my mom and dad agree to supervise (they are both excellent swimmers and know CPR) I think a pool party might be the perfect choice for my summer get together.

One great thing about a pool party is that the activity is built right in. I’d get lots of inflatable items, like beach balls and rafts, and I’d better have plenty of extra sunscreen on hand.

Marco Polo is a must, but there are other fun games we play, like pool volley ball and Sharks and Minnows.

We’d toss some hot dogs on the bbq, and fresh fruit and popsicles would offer a refreshing respite from the heat. And what pool party would be complete without bowls full of Goldfish crackers? It would be awesome to serve the food in plastic beach pails, and pick up dollar store Frisbees instead of paper plates. That way everyone could take their plate home at the end of the party and it cuts down on garbage.

I think I might take the plunge. A pool party would make a real splash with my friends, don’t you think?

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  1. KitKat says:

    Oops! That was supposed to be a smiley face! :)

  2. KitKat says:

    I love pool parties! I’m an awesome swimmer! =)

  3. Splash says:

    That’s sounds fun! I want to try it!

  4. Why? says:

    Why do they brag about parties and other stuff and never invite us webkinz users?

  5. Leafdapple says:

    What about throwing a watermelon in the pool?I went to a pool party one time and they did that. We got to play soo many games with the watermelon! After we were done, they cut it up and ate it!! It was really cool!!!!

  6. pinkstar* says:

    neat! this is a good idea! tommorrow i am going to my friends house for a surprise birthday party and we are going swimming in her pool.

  7. IceJust says:

    I think they should make a swimming pool room at the club house. One big pool for all the pets to get in. Then they could make a lounge area on one side. I think that would be so cool.

    • SEPTEMBEAR says:

      like, i know! i have been really wanting a room int he clubhouse witha pool……it be so cool! and i thought there would be a pool in the judy moody room when it was in the clubhouse but imagine my disappointment wen there wasnt any!!!

  8. pokey85 says:

    am i first?

  9. chau says:

    COOL I LIKE IT :D :)

    • lillyluvie says:

      I love pool parties! They are so much fun, and they keep you cool! LillyLuvie* :)

      • Always :) says:

        This is awesome! Sounds super fun!

        -Always :-)

      • 4moni4 says:

        POOL PARTIES,are fun!!!! I like doing cannon balls and the splashes

      • duststar says:

        :’( i wish i had a pool. cry. no pool parties for me

        • Tumble says:

          You don’t have to have a pool to have a pool party! You could rent one from your local community centre or use a friend’s or use the local swim club’s!

      • Moonstar says:

        I absoulutly ♥♥♥ Pool Parties! I have them all the time! What I love to have is pizza and then have salad. We bring out the ice pops for dessert and lemonade for the drink. The guests swim for as long as they like untill about 1 hour and 30 min., then we take about a 45 min. to eat. ( Usually adults finish later but kids wait for the supervisors to finish. ) After that, we swim for about 2 more hours, then the guests go home. My families usual Party

    • Flower Power says:

      I have an above ground pool. Sometimes I’ll have pool parties. We get pizza and play volleyball. My mom even makes some sweet treats. Gotta love sno cones!!
      ~~*Flower Power*~~

      • Robin says:

        We had an above ground pool, but let’s just say we had some frog issues….
        At my house, we don’t get pizza, we make it. My dad built a wood-fired brick pizza/bread oven in our back yard! It’s huge, and my dad could transport it if we moved. It needs to be 400 degrees to fire pizza-but it makes the BEST pizza you have ever eaten!

    • jupiterismyhamster says:

      if only i had a pool…

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