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Dear Mom and Dad,

Camp has been okay so far. The first couple of days were really hard – I was kind of lonely. I know that Amanda and a lot of my friends are all here but I just missed you guys so much. I guess maybe it’s because I’ve never been away from home before. I didn’t want to tell anyone this but I know I can tell you – the first few nights I even cried in my bed at night. I tried to be quiet so no one would hear me, but I guess someone did hear me because after a few days Amanda came and found me during breakfast one day and asked me if everything was okay. I didn’t want to bug her, but when she asked me what was wrong, I started crying again and told her everything and as soon as I got it off my chest I immediately started to feel so much better!

Amanda said that I was silly not to come to her in the first place. She said even though she told me not to bug her all the time, that didn’t mean I couldn’t talk to her at all – especially if something was bothering me. Then she told me about her first time at camp and how she was totally miserable for the first couple of days, but then she and PJ stayed up late one night and PJ had a whole bag of marshmallows in her trunk. The two of them ate so many marshmallows that they got sick and had to go to the infirmary the next day! (uh, I’m not really sure I’m supposed to be telling you this but – oh well!) Anyway, she said that even though they both felt totally gross, having that little adventure with PJ gave her a special bond with someone and then she didn’t feel so homesick.

And Amanda said that because she’s my sister, she and I have a special bond too and that any time I feel lonely I can come and talk to her – even if she was busy! And then I said that maybe, because I was feeling kind of bad, could I borrow her favorite sweatshirt and she said nice try but not a chance. Oh well.

I love you so much and I still miss you but I’ve been feeling much better ever since Amanda and I had that talk!



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  1. Weesher says:

    poor you.

    Well i was home sick the first time i went to the beach for the forth of july!

    but now i am not. well it was my forth year this year anyway

    add me
    user name: Weeshers

  2. finemilkchocolate28 says:

    I have been camping on a lake before though.

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