Pool party – make your own ice pops!

What you need:

-          Juice or lemonade

-          Ice cube trays

-          Toothpicks


-          Ice pop moulds

What you do:

1.       Pour the juice into the ice pop moulds or ice cube tray.

2.        If using ice cube trays, stretch plastic wrap tightly over the top of the tray and poke the toothpicks through the plastic wrap.

3.       If using ice pop moulds, insert the sticks into the moulds.

4.       Freeze for at least two hours or overnight.

5.       Take a break from your pool party to chill out with these sweetly refreshing ice pops!

19 Responses to Pool party – make your own ice pops!

  1. Insanity98 says:

    Yum, I love making ice pops! They are really good. What my and my little sister do is wee just take whatever beverages we can find like soda, lemonade, juice, or kool-aid or whatever and try making ice pops out of those. Either that or we mix the flavors to make it taste awesome!

  2. Soumya says:

    I like this idea, but it is not original. I’ve made about 100 ice pops in my life!

  3. Redstar says:

    this sounds good, maybe i could try it with soda! can soda freeze? if anyone knows, please post! :)


    • lilblacklab♥ says:

      It totally DOES freeze!!! And I have done this it tastes really good! My favorite frozen soda would be root beer, and I have mixed orange soda with grape (might not be your flavor but i like it) ,and plane orange soda and plane grape taste great! For some reason cola ( not sure if we are allowed to type brands here) kind of disappointed me it tasted good but not as good as I hoped. Have fun experimenting! ♥

  4. Brave4ever says:

    I’ve made these with powerade too when it’s super hot outside.
    Other good stuff to put in popsciles:
    soda, yogurt, chocolate milk, tons of different flavored koolaid, but putting fruit in a blender and then freezing that would be the nicest!!! :)

  5. random person says:

    post people, post!

  6. clarkcs says:

    OR–if you used the juice to make trays of ice and then used the cubes when you drink the juice, your drink wouldn’t be diluted when the “ice” melts.

  7. pinkstar* says:

    the pun?

  8. dawndrop16 says:

    Cool! (Did you get the pun?) -Dawndrop*

  9. pinkstar* says:

    these look good!

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