Purr-Cilla’s Invitation

Oh wow. It’s me, Sparky, and can you say ‘awkward’? Today Purr-Cilla came up to me and said that her invitation to my party must have got lost because she couldn’t find it anywhere. What was I supposed to say to that? I couldn’t invite Purr-Cilla. She really doesn’t get along with Salley and she and Nibbles had some weird thing over the summer about Nibbles’ pool. And even though it was all Nibbles’ fault that I got in trouble with Ms. Stripes the other day, she’s still my friend.

I had to think fast so I told Purr-Cilla that I wanted to invite her but there just wasn’t space at the party and I said I was really sorry.

Yikes, that was not a good plan because Purr-Cilla said that she heard that I was planning to have the party at my Uncle Arte’s Curio Shop and that there was plenty of room in there. I didn’t really know how to answer that so I just stood there feeling stupid. Then Purr-Cilla FREAKED! She said she didn’t even want to come to my party and that she only mentioned it because she felt sorry for me because I was going to have such a lame party. Then she stomped off. And I was actually kind of relieved then because it was over.

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  1. warriors2002 says:

    Wow…I feel bad for Purr-Cilla, a little. If someone was telling everyone about a party, and you didn’t invite someone, that can hurt. I know from experience. :/ However, if Sparky doesn’t want to invite her, that’s his right….Cool story!

  2. joy says:

    shes mean but what happend at the pool im a little confused

  3. stylegirl12 says:

    u should have told her the truth first of all. but she so likes u! which is a little bit scarey! but maybe you could invite her to something else? mean people are only mean because someone was mean to them or because somethings going on in their life. anyhoo don’t lie! XD *stylegirl12*

  4. alabastered says:

    Poor Purr-cilla. I’d be pretty upset if the boy I liked didn’t invite me to his birthday party too. And, Sparky, sometimes honesty hurts but you really should have told her why she wasn’t invited.

  5. dogs5678 says:

    wow! sorry that happened, sparky. happy birthday!

  6. Ⓒⓞⓤⓝⓣⓡⓨ Ⓖⓘⓡⓛ Ⓐⓝⓣⓗⓔⓜ ☆ミ says:

    Awkward. :/ I go to this school where there are two towns , and our towns are more or less rivals. This sorta thing happened to my sister’s friend. Anyway, In the future, I’d keep your party quiet. . . you don’t want to upset anyone else. (By the way, this includes AFTER the party) So. . . don’t talk about it at lunch or anything if possible.

  7. BuffaloGirl14075 says:

    I am so happy you didn’t cave in and invite her. I am positive she would have found ways to make everyone miserable and ruined the fun for everyone else. Purr-Cilla seems to only be happy when she’s causing trouble for others. Happy Birthday, Sparky and may you have many, many more!!!!!

  8. kittykat99 says:

    maybe she dose not get along with salley and nibbles. but maybe you should have invited her anyway.

  9. pony4141 says:

    she’s mean

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