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Hey ‘Kinz Crew Journal!
It’s two of your favorite gals, Roberta and Cowabelle! We’re here to talk about all of the CRAZINESS that is going on lately. Things sure are strange, aren’t they, Roberta?
They sure are, Cowabelle!
Anyway, we were at Roberta’s house this morning. And the KinzPost carrier arrived.
And he had something for us!
Yes! A letter.
Well, a letter and a picture.
This is what the letter said:
“Return, return, then you will learn!”
What do you even think that means!?
I have no idea!
OH! Here’s the picture:









We’re having a ‘Kinz meeting tonight, and we’ll talk about ALL of this weird stuff then. I can’t wait to show everyone!
-Roberta & Cowabelle

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  1. ruth says:

    I think it is from her mom because ms. cowoline is a teacher and the note said return, return and then you will learn.also ,It rymes.

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