Secret Friendship Skill: Making Your Own Badges








What you need:

-          Thick piece of cardboard
-          Round object for stenciling (about two or three inches across)
-          pen
-          felt
-          Beads, jewels or glitter
-          Glitter glue
-          Glue
-          Safety pins
-          Tape
-          Stickers

What you do:

1.       With your pen, trace around your circular object onto the cardboard.

2.       Make as many circles as you need badges.

3.        Cut out your circles.

4.       Using the circles as a guide cut larger circles out of the felt, leaving enough of a border to wrap around the edges of your cardboard circle.

5.       Cover one side of your cardboard circle with glue and place in the centre of the felt circle.

6.       Press down firmly to affix paper to cardboard and tuck the edges of the paper up and around edges of cardboard.

7.       Glue in place and secure edges with tape.

8.       With glitter glue, write the initials of your club in the middle of your felt circle. Or choose a sticker that symbolizes what your club is all about.  It’s up to you.

9.       Make a thick bead of glue around the outside of the cardboard circle, surrounding your sticker.

10.   Glue beads, jewels or glitter around the outside of the circle. When all the glue is dry, stick the safety pin to the back of your badge with the tape.

11.    Now you and your friends have matching badges that let people know you’re part of an exclusive club!

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  1. Ilovemypets8 says:

    That is pretty nice. If there was a Best Friend’s Day then these would make perfect gifts.

  2. webkinz says:

    cooooleo when my cousins come for summer in july i may make these!

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