Stoogles is super-excited

Oh yeah!!! It’s my birthday coming up and you know what that means! Party, cakes, presents! And more presents! And even more presents!!!

I am inviting EVERYONE to my party! This is going to be the coolest party ever. I don’t know if you’re aware, but Googles’ parties are legendary. And when you combine a cool dude like myself with an awesome Googles’ party, you know what you get? The par-tay to end all par-tays, my friends. I am thinking of going to Chef Gazpacho and asking him to make a cake in the shape of my face. I think everyone would love that, don’t you?

I can’t wait. Everyone is going to be so excited when I tell them about it. I’ll bet they’re all going to want to start thinking about what they’re going to get me.

40 Responses to Stoogles is super-excited

  1. Katie says:

    COOL! I’ll be there! =)

  2. ceci says:

    I hope someone gives him arms. He’d look better with arms.

  3. Smarticles says:

    Stoogles should call cake boss to make him a fantasic cake, but not have a big party. $$$Smarticles$$$

  4. lovepuppygirl says:

    Stoogles birthdays are not about presents it`s about celebrating with your friends!!!!!!!

  5. ShiningStar13 says:

    If Stoogles wants to invite everyone to his party, he will be inviting 7.006 billion people (estimated world population) to his party. No offence Stoogles, but that is way too many people for 1 persons birthday. And your being so selfish, no one will want to come to your party because you are being kind of cocky (again, no offence). this is all just my opinion,so you don’t have to listen to me (just saying)!

  6. BM IS AWESOME says:

    I THINK GOOGLES IS BEING VERY VERY VERY SELFISH !!! im not coming unless he says hes sorry and will give back to everyone! but its ok to have his face as a cake as long as he doesnt go give me this or i want that and he should say please!!!!!! please please friend me my username is ZOE2549 [ it is in caps! ]

  7. LivingAloha says:

    Oh, I sure hope things turn out okay for Stoogles! I really like him!

  8. aedes says:

    Don’t get too full of yourself. One of my friends asked for donations to give to charities instead of birthday presents. You don’t want to be disapointed and throw a big fit like Cowabelle if it doesn’t work. It might rain. What about Purcilla? You need to know big ideas can be too big.

  9. Jitterbug says:

    I’m so there, but it is a little out of hand… Then again so is a certain Sally’s plan…

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