The ‘Kinz offer to help

Salley again. When I told the ‘Kinz about my Earth Day idea to clean up the town, they were all really sweet and offered to help out with organizing all the volunteers and stuff. The thing is – I really just want this to be MY thing. I just know that I will feel better about it if I know that I do this myself. Then I will really know that I am making a big difference. I know it’s going to be a lot of work, but then I will feel all the better about it.

You just wait – Earth Day is going to be awesome. Everyone in Kinzville is going to be thanking me for how great the town looks afterward.




23 Responses to The ‘Kinz offer to help

  1. Webkinz User says:

    Salley, that’s nice that you’r helping out. Just try and use thier help!

  2. lovepuppygirl says:

    When you have your friends help you will get a ton of work done!!!!!!!!!!

  3. bowchick says:

    Sheesh Salley! Why so selfish? Isn’t Earth day about making the earth a better place? Not about the best project.

  4. Jitterbug says:

    You can do anything, but it helps to have friends by your side. A little Selfcat today aren’t we? Catch The JItterbug, Not the litterbug!

  5. Webkinz#1 says:

    Sallry Cat, you actually need their help like your mom said. It is a big job after all. See you later!

  6. ameliabedelia6 says:

    Salley I really think you should accept the help your being offered. This is a really big project and your going to need the help. I HIGHLY suggest you eagerly accept their offer.

  7. MDIChickadee says:

    Getting people to help means you are delegating, Salley. Your ideas, your control, they work with you and for you. Think about it: it may work better (and you may make a bigger difference) with some help. Just my thoughts. All the best! MDIChickadee

  8. Dragonfish says:

    I’m happy that your’e helping out, but you really should let them help you organize it. (*(*dragonfish*)*)

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