Update Your Fall Wardrobe!

PJ Collie’s back with some great new styles for the fall! Look for PJ 5 times each day from now until September 27 to win a random piece of fall W Shop clothing.

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  1. SignatureIsland says:

    The dress is my favorite. I think it would look better with the brown cowboy boots from kinzstyle. Best dress ever.(for fall).

  2. emecraddock says:

    love it!!!!

  3. beastybray says:

    GENNELLE I have a problem.When I play Peek a News challenge it always says expired. My sister is LINAMAY 13 and she get’s it every time. Please help me. thank you beastybray

    • Gennelle Webkinz says:

      Hi beastybray. If you’re getting the expired notice a lot, it probably means that those Peek a Newz challenges are over (they only go for a limited time). Also, you can usually only play once per day, so if it’s a second time that day, it’ll say “expired”. Hope that helps!

  4. suziesweetpea says:

    I keep getting those kinda ugly striped elf like hat. That happens a lot with peek a news

  5. prprprprp says:

    Awesome, hope I get some deluxe stuff! :) If not-hey, I save money by getting them free! It’s a win-win! :)

  6. horsieanddoggiegirl says:

    i spend a long time on the newz and never find PJ : (

    • prprprprp says:

      Did you enter first? You can’t just stay on Webkinz Newz forever until you see her, you have to first go to the Events page under Contests and click Enter Campaign. Then, you should read the rules, and then press Enter Campaign once more. After that, you just look on all of Webkinz Newz’s pages until you find PJ. Once you find her, click on her, then look for her again. If you find her four more times, a prize will be sent to your Webkinz World acount. :) And remember, usually, she will only peek out halfway, hence the ‘peek’anewz, and she is usually on the sides of the screen, or the top of it, but you usually never have to scroll down to find her. and make sure that you page finishes loading completely before you get off of it, or you could miss her! Hope I helped, horsieanddoggiegirl! :) Just ask if you ever have any more questions about Webkinz World, or are still confused. :)

  7. natalie13 says:

    I think the fall clothes are a little drab in color?

  8. alaska267 says:


  9. MidnightFireflies15 says:

    cool! peek a newz is kinda time consuming though

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