Weekend Round-Up

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Tell us what you would do for your mom this Mother’s Day (if you could do anything) and you could win a Mother’s Day Prize Pack!
How did the Fennec Fox get such awesome ears? Tell us, and you could win an eStore exclusive Fennec Fox!
Tell us your top 10 favorite flowers and you could win a virtual Silversoft Cat in time for June! Open all May.
Have some great ideas for the “Fan’s Choice” category on Ganz eStore? Send us your top 10 and you could win a Rejuvenating Rainbow Pool

Play our May Makeover Peek-A-Newz to win a a random piece of exclusive May Makeover clothing each day this month!


Keep your eyes open this Saturday for floating dice! Click on them once a day to win a bonus roll for SPREE, our fantastic new Arcade game.

27 Responses to Weekend Round-Up

  1. ladybug7777777 says:

    Hayley Peekanewz just isn’t working. Hayley hasn’t appeared at all since the fdirst day I played. Is this feature working? I give up!!!!!

  2. FrostyCat says:

    Nope – no dice for me either!!

  3. ash24ley says:

    I think it is rediculous that they advertised the floating dice for today and there was’nt any. I know that I am not the only one that wasted many hours of my life looking for it. LESSON LEARNED!!!

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